Saturday, August 6, 2005

El-Zaraqawy says He didn't kill the Egyptian Envoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things seem more and more mysterious than ever ,after the strange Kidnapping and killing of the Egyptian Envoy in Iraq Mr.Ambassador Ehab El-Sherif ,conspiracy theories came out like the rain
For me there were questions marks from endless Whys starting why they kidnap the Egyptian Envoy to Etc, and Hows starting How they did it 'till now some says he was kidnapped while he was buying some newspapers, other among them his daughter said that he was kidnapped from the house as he wearing a training suite 'he wears it in the house only !!!!!!!!!!'
Also what confused me the way the Egyptian media dealt with the incident
The same usual deception and lies , and ironically to the Egyptian people themselves ,as if talking to a mirror , they are not addressing the kidnappers or international community ,nah it is usual addressing to the idiots living the valley of Nile thanks to the Media ministry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look to Lies ,showing his daughter wearing the veil then after few weeks and Stating that her daddy being killed ,she appeared in the silly 'El-Bit Batik' (The house is yours) without it , with colored long hair and lipstick in her mouth and of course with a red color which I don't put it in normal days !!!!!!!!How sick is this ,my grand ma said 'she is fine now thank God" Well does she know that her dad was killed ,yes she should be for him as he killed as Mytar but not in this way!!!!!!!!!"
Now after some weeks ,Mr.Mustafa Bakry comes out in one of his big articles in his newspaper 'The Week' saying that El-Sherif was kidnapped by the Israel Mossad because he worked as an envoy in Tel-Aviv and during that period he made some connections with Israel generals and took some top secrets 'the Dipolmat is legal spy '
and listen carefully ,the bargain was some Iraqis do the dirty job in Baghdad ,and Mossad will do for them the dirty Job in Sharm and that he is still alive but in Tel-Aviv
I am ready to believe the first claim but the second one I need to understand it ,why Iraqis want to bomb Sharm !!???????
of Bakry said he got sources despite he is from the Egyptian opposition
Neverless many experts hinted that he could have killed or kidnapped by the Mossad as he knew some important activities for the Israel intelligence in Iraq 'sounds reasonable 'killing the man who knew too much
Now today El-Zaraqawy posted a statement in one of the strange internet forums ,Stating the following:
  1. He nor the El-Qaida did kidnap the Egyptian Envoy in Iraq
  2. It is not their style to Kill like westerners by Guns but with swords ' in the other statement of announcing the murder of El-Sherif ,they said they shoot him!!!!'
  3. It is not their video that El-Sherif appeared in it , as they don't cover the eyes of their abducted 'good point'
  4. They must appear in their video with their abductees as usual as they are proud of their operations 'it is true they do appear' but in the envoy video no one appeared except the poor El-Sherif
  5. they won't go after the Arabs or Muslims and also after countries like Egypt ,they go after their real enemies the invaders 'no need to say how'
  6. The bottom line ,THIS IS A GOD DAMNED INTELLIGENCE OPERATION ' 'God damned is from my own imagination but they said it ,An intelligence Operation
Now important remarks ,the Egyptian official media ignored the statement totally I just know it from the Prime time daily program '10 o'clock' on Dream TV 2 'privately owned'
I don't know but the Egyptian government must answer some questions ,I know when it comes to intelligence secret services war especially between Cairo and Tel-Aviv, lies and deception are the rule in both sides but ...........
I am angry and confused , ,,,,,,,,,,, some one call Adham Sabri 'Egyptian James Bond'

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