Saturday, August 6, 2005

All these Iraqi satellite Channels!!!!!!!!!!!!

As if the Iraqis waited till Saddam went away to open many satellite channels , I understand their feelings and motives to have channels to express their point of views after very very long time of oppression and the government monopoly to the media
But this is too much , it is a Nile Sat no Degla Sat
Look to the Nile Sat ,see how many Iraqi satellite channels and you know what I mean
I don't mean that Iraqis shouldn't have TV channels ,Heavens Forbid
But A question always appears in my mind with big big Question Mark
from Where all these money to afford buying such channels on the Nile sat?"
To buy Channel on this Sat. You have to pay a sum in Dollars in 6 digits
So from where those owners got those sum of money ?
I know some of them are from the opposition that lived abroad ? But this is not enough from a Country ruled by corruption for over 30 years
My own explanation is that some of these owners are ex-Baath Members who stole the money and the people and decide to surf over the new wave of presumed freedom !!!!!!!!!!

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