Saturday, August 6, 2005


Don't forget Hiroshima

I am sorry to say it is not the fault of the Japanese ,or the Americans but the War Administrations and bunch of Crazy Scientists
The Scientists who turned science from helping the humans to have better life to making the lives of humans full of fear and hate
They were crazy just like the American administration and The Japanese administration ,may be the Americans had the right to answer back Pearl harbor but they presented to the world a weapon they now fear more than anyone
They were crazy like the Japanese administration who suddenly decided to go in the world by the terms of wars and destruction and no one will stop the sword of the Samurai , ironically it was the Sword of the Last Samurai
When the Japanese prime minstrel apologized to all Asian countries from the Suffering the Japanese army caused ,it was a late apology from an Egyptian emotional person point of view
I got a picture book made by legendary magazine 'Life' its name is 'LIFE goes to War "the history of WWII in pictures
a very powerful image
Hundreds of Chinese civilians killed in the streets in Shanghai ,it is terrible image with children bodies beside their moms , all thanks to some strange thoughts in the Japanese mind
I don't know what they were thinking , do they kill those people and occupy their land or what!!!!!!!!!!!
or may be Chinese people instead of paying respect to the Chinese emperor they will pay it to Japanese emperor
I don't hate Japan in fact I respected it so much also same thing for Germany but truth is truth
same question to Truman administration
What they were thinking when they throw the bomb over the town of Hiroshima ,did they know the kind of destruction and how big it would be ?
more important
Did they think they will leash a weapon that will destroy the world ?
I just wish from those who wear fancy clothes and sit in chic offices and call themselves policy makers to just think in the future for a second

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