Saturday, August 27, 2005

Where are the 2 moons?

Where are the two moons?
I received e-mails from my friends 'I am sure they arenot Kidd'n' saying that two moons will appear in 27th of August
The first moon is our regular moon
The Second moon is Mars
We supposlly see the rad planet by eye
Yet nothing at all
Stupid e-mails
what I hate ,is that they are saying it won't happen untill 2270 !!!!!!!!


  1. this happened a couple of years ago (it's a bit exaggerated though), so unlikely to happen this year

  2. i already checked that,,, and we had a bit of a stron controvercy with my friends about that issue..
    but sadly it already happened in year 2003..
    the email is just a hoax and it was even corrected on alot of sites world wide :)
    sorry we've missed that event :(

  3. yeah unfortunate it happened from years :(


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