Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why Pope Shonouda you say something like this?

Really I felt so shocked ,angry and sorry after reading the last statement of Pope Shonouda concerning the Presidential elections and President Mubarak.From few days I read that he supports president Mubarak and of course such support from such man in his position ,means the support of the whole Egyptian orthodox Church to Mubarak !!! Then today in this silly Ahram appendix calling the Message ,especially made for the elections with of course intensive propaganda to Mubarak ,Pope Shonouda made statements that Shocked me
I respect Pope Shonouda very much because I feel he cares for the nation as much as he cares for the Church
but to say the truth I guess choosing the president or whom I am going to elect is something made according to my political belief more than my religious belief ,I don't know how to express it
but declaring the Church its support and already the Egyptian Chirstians are so religious not like any other chiritsians in the world ' this goes to the religious back ground of the Egyptian 'makes it so how obligatory for Egyptian Christians to vote for Mubarak 'some may be angry but as a Muslim, I don't care with Shekih El-Azhar says in favor of Mubarak ,I know there is huge great differenece between the Pope 's position and Shekih El-Azhar 's position and that what scares me .
The Egyptian Christians already are suffering from injustice and inequity such like the rest of Egyptian people
And I believe that there will be no difference for the Egyptian people in the next 6 years


  1. Your question is so true.
    I think it was bad judgment.
    I hope you read the many comments on R and M, African Doctor, Endehash, and Ghandy

  2. I really don't know what Pope Shenouda had said to Al-Ahram exactly, because Egypitan press does not always publish what people say in threir interviews. Anyway, whether Pope Shenouda said it or not, I disagree with him when he allegedly said that under Mubarak democracy was established. Mubarak may be considered less authoritarian than Nasser, but still he remained an authoritarian ruler. The Pope should have kept quite during the election, or if he couldn't, he should have said, for example, that he prays for Egypt, and he hopes to see a better Egypt under the new elected President, without mention of any names. He, as a citizen who loves his country, should have concentrated on demands for complete reforms for all Egyptians and justice for his own congregation, the oppressed Copts.

    Nabil Malek

  3. silence in these situations is really not from Gold but Diamond


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