Egyptian Chronicles: Is this America?

Friday, September 9, 2005

Is this America?

this post I wrote few days ago ,but I was busy to post it in the Elections parade,ANYWAY HERE IT is.
I wrote after seeing Bush bagging for help from the world countries and third world countries like Egypt,Cuba ,Venezuela are offering help !!!!!!!!!!!!1
Is this America that its President requesting medical help and blankets from the world?
is this America that accepts now donations from El-Kuwait a half billion dollars?
I am sorry but where are the big American companies ,the pride of capitalism system from this disaster ,do not they have social responsibilities towards the community they operate in !!!!!!!!
This is the bad ugly face of capitalism
This is the bad ugly face of America
end of the draft ,starting the updated news
Can some one please tell me where the U.S great power and Money ,the tax payers money from the on-going tragedy in New Orleans ?????????
Bush and government are calling for help and donations as if he were the president of a third world country
I got a better solution for him
President Bush decrease your military expenses ,Leave Iraq alone ,let the boys return back home to start doing something useful for their country ,a real patriot thing
Your country need its boys to help it
Decreasing your military expenses means Less people will die and more people will live
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