Saturday, November 19, 2005

28 years on the Sadaat Historical visit to Israel "Peace upon You"

Today the 19th of November 2005 is the 28th anniversary of the Historical Visit of the Late President Mohammed Anwar El-Sadaat of Egypt to Israel , the historical visit that changed the Course of history

Despite all what is said about the Visit and despite I didn't live it , but I am proud of it , I am proud of it because went there and his head high , and those who say that Egyptian people were angry from the visit are changing some reality because people were not totally shocked .

Did you listen to Sadaat Speech in the Israeli assembly "Knesset"?
Did you see how much pride and dignity he spoke there ?
Did you listen carefully to each word in the speech ?

This speech is one of the best speeches in the Arab world in the 20th century .It was written either by Moses Sabri or Ahmad Baheldin " the two famous writers"

People I don't know why many Arabs hate Sadaat and curse him day and night ,despite the fact late Kings like Hassan of Morocco and Hussein got strong relations with Israel even before Camp David, The secret negotiations between Egypt and Israel was in Morocco , and King Hussein informed Israel as soon as he knew by the date of the Yom El-Kippor war yet they didn't believe him " Israeli documents"
Till now those two Arabic figures got a respect they don't deserve while the man who had enough courage not to fool his people got curses

Guys we went there ,and victory in our side , already we took the crossings of Sinai ,so all Sinai is under our Control ,yet Sadaat wanted to take back the Egyptian land so he Chose the peace and I guess by this way he put Israel in situation it never was before , all civilized world won't look to it as it used to , if the peace was rejected

Another thing I agree with what late Sadaat once described it in one of his speeches in the Egyptian assembly after the attack on Egypt by the Arab countries led by Iraq and Saddam Hussein " This is rudeness , dirty act, and alt Haia "Egyptian will know it"
One of the reasons I hate Saddam Hussein that after this visit he began to hunt the Egyptians down in Iraq and Kill them , a relative of mine a professor in University ran away with his family to get the hell from mad Saddam " This is my answer Bill on your Question "

in the end I say that this small visit to Israel with a big step for Peace and pride in Middle East

Peace upon You


  1. Just few notes:

    1- I didn't know that today is the 18 annev or this visit :)

    2- Egypt lost the 1973 war on any military scale :) , but we won something, we broke the rule that we can't stand against israel because in the first 3 days we did wonderful victories, the rest of the war was in favor of israel and at the end the result was still some how a little in favor of israel

    3- I really like his speech :), I heared that some officers in israel wanted to announce high alert after it, it looked more like a threat from a peace speech :D

    4- I don't have a problem in making normal relations with isrealis, just in case they can accept it on "good equal" basis, not power basis

    5- in the show of tonight on "dream TV" they were discussing the visit, did you see it ?

    6- Egypt won from sadat's moves more that what it won in the previous 4 years, without a single blood dot

    7- for those naser lovers, those who say "viva arabs" all the day without looking around them to understand that arabs live for their own good all the time, I just want to tell them: "this man is a good man, whatever you say, he did what you coudln't do by the nonsense talk and deceving your people, so plz, we don't need you, we need people like him that can work in peace and die for what they believe"


  2. "Guys we went there ,and victory in our side , already we took the crossings of Sinai ,so all Sinai is under our Control"

    What do you mean by "so all Sinai is under our Control"?

    It is under Egypt's control now (thanks to the peace treaty) - but it certainly wasn't under Egypt's control right after the war ended, and Egypt had much less military control of it by the time Sadat made his visit, due to the disengagement.

    The peace treaty is certainly a great accomplishment that Egyptians need to appreciate.

  3. @ Freesoul ,1-well I don't agree totally on no.2 , because the fatal mistake wasn't made by the Egyptian army or its officers more than a mistake made by Anwar El-Sadaat himself when he trusted the capabilities of Syrian regime army and decided to increase pressure, also as I knew from some officers then and generals now that the Israelis wouldn't have the crossed the west bank of Canal if the check point there wasn't Kuwaiti:) , you see our arab brothers helped alot turning the great victory into semi victory

    2-and yes the speech was so strong ,oh boy I once saw it from the beginning from couple of years on aljazeera and I saw the expressions of Golda Mierre and Mosses Diane and others, oh boy I swear I felt that if cameras went off that they would go on him and all Egyptians in the hall

    3-me too , I don't have any problem with Israel only on equal basis with dignity
    4- I saw it , I didn't like the nasseris' talk , Galal Amin :(, but I agreed on what they said about Syria
    5- Egypt won alot ,you know he signed the treaty in 1979 , was killed in 1981 and so I guess all the cons we saw from the treaty isnot in his era and for example and this happened when Pegin asked El-Sadaat to set free the Israeli spy Heba Selim better Known as Abla Kamal in Di Misr Ya 3abla, and they were in Camp David, Sadaat Smiled and said well oay you can take her, you can her body as her family is refusing to bury her and we don't know where to bury her , while others don't care for the national security and care only for their security and the security of their kids ,you know whom I am talking about
    @Egyptian person, Yes Egypt controlled the crossings and this was a great victory to us as the crossing area is the heart of Sinai , a historical, geographical and military fact
    Sadaat after this victory couldn't order to advance more because of the minor defeat and the american weapons , as the war turned from Israel egypt war in to american -soviet weapons war and at that time ,russians didn't give us any new weapon like Syria, we fought with old weapons of 1967 and faith as late General Gamsi once said, and so here the situation either you stay were you are in the crossing yet leave Israelis built settlements here and there to prove their rights in the land or you try to get it back in any possible way

  4. zainab, i never said that the reason behind the defeat was the soldiers, I read every word written about the history of the war and i know how hard it was and know that the biggest mistake was a political mistake, or say, the mistake of mixing politics with the war decisions

    yet that doesn't change the truth that as a total sum up of the war, the israeli side got more benifits from the egyptian, of course we are not talking about the political gains we got out of the war which will certainly turn things upside down

  5. Hi Zeinobia
    I think the main reason why many arabs today still insult the memory of Sadat is because of his break from the mainstream ideology of Gamal Abdel Nasser. That while there are still Arabs under occupation and the Zionists getting stronger Sadat went ahead and signed on the dotted line of peace. He did it with Egypt in his heart and for that I admire him for he was not utopian in his thinking and needless to say he was courageous to have defied this ideology that not only drove tens of millions, but he also gave his life while still in defiance.
    However Zeinobia you must understand that Egypt isn't a country that should look inwards. It's history is bound by its effects on neighbouring states. The largest Arab khalifates apart from Omayyad and Abbassid find their roots in Cairo. You can't call yourself Umm el Dunia and remain inhibited in your own issues alone.
    Egypt is the largest Arab country and it leads the Arab decision in Policy on most issues. It is the centre of the Arab Council under the auspices of Amr Musa today and the centre of Arab learning. So Egypt acts as the mother of the Arab world. It must take decisions that are beneficial to her siblings. I don't believe that the Camp David peace agreement was good for the Arab world and I will even say that it wasn't good for Egypt. I believe a better bargaining power would have been in place had there been a constant state of alertness by the Israelis. 1973 proved that they are not infallible.
    Anwar Sadat wanted to open up the country economically and he suceeded through a peace treaty with a country that wants only to secure its southern border more than to make peace with the Egyptian people. Don't forget their Zionist ideology of (The Nile to the Euphrates). Egypt has become a dependent nation after that deal. After Israel it gets the second highest aid package from the US, but it gets less than a third of what Israel gets.
    Moreoever, tell me how the average Egyptian has benefited from this peace?
    You know there are places in west Beirut in which pictures of Nasser are still hung up on walls and in homes?? During the war, Egyptian journalists were stopped and harassed by Muslims militia men. If they were with Sadat they could be beaten up, but if they mentioned they loved Nasser then they were given best treatment. There is still a statue for Nasser on the Corniche. It is a powerful statue as it proves that Nasser has transcended the presidency of Egypt to become a Za3eem of the Arabs worldwide. Fortunately it was his dream and not really his actions that made him as such.

    Hani G.

  6. @ Free soul ,agree on what you said , but on the military scale I don't know , well to say the truth the Israelis are spreading on the net that they won the war of because the west bank, may be because after all I am a girl and a bit romantic yet I believe that on Military ,political and people level we won ,we made great victory that we didn't make over a whole century , but I agree on what you said ,in fact I wish that some day like in any Civilized nation the really documents and truth about the 6th October war will be published for the public , just only to know the mistakes

    @ Hani G
    Believe or not I began to see the whole thing from your perspective and I understand it
    I am not with those who says Egypt must leave the Arab and live for its own good because experiment proved that was wrong ,on both ways whether the Arab left Egypt or Egypt left the Arab
    in Camp David I don't deny that Egypt turned from the strong side to the weak side in some points already there are chapters in the treaty that Egyptians till now don't know about it ,and this is because the Arabs didn't stand with Egypt ,Sadaat went alone in adventure that he planed and his plane included the Arabs from the beginning , I don't know why the real reason the Arab leaders at that time especially King Hussein didn't join sadaat despite the fact he was having a great strong relations with Israel , this is what I think , the rest of them used at that are not to call patriot whether Saddam Hussein or Al-Assad both cared only for their own interest not even the interest of their own people
    about all Cons of camp David ,or more the Egyptian -Israeli relations ,well Don't ask Sadaat about it as Camp David was signed in 1979 and he was killed in 1981,ask Mubarak who took the rule for over 24 years!!!
    The American Aid is killing me , already we needed it after the war but now we don't, I am afraid that most people even some Egyptians blame sadaat for it , blame who took the rule for 24 years , in fact Egypt became a dependent nation in his era !!!!!!not that only he wants us to be the second syria with GM :(
    I believe when Sadaat said that 1973 was the last war between Us and the Israelis was a political lie and even late general the great Gamasi said that , I believe that this peace treaty is kind of rest phase ,sooner or later there will be another confront as long as there is slogan from the Nile to Euphrates ,as long as this ideaology is taught to their children ,there will be no real peace , it is just political lies from all sides
    and What I fear now Mr.Hani that this confront will take place very soon with what's going in the region
    about Nasser well you said it yourself he had a dream that made a legend ,I despite my opinion in him I believe in this dream so much , and yes his actions were not on the same level of his dream ,You know my Mom wished to visit Beirut just to see this statue ,she is from the 60s generation who raised upon this dream and still believes in it , my only objection on Nasser is on his actions that really hurted Egypt on economical scale and on the freedom and human right scales
    My dear Lebanese friend there is 24 year Egypt faced in it more than what she faced with British, Nasser and Sadaat.

  7. I lived it, as an American. Everyone I knew had deep abiding respect for Sadat, and great anxiety upon learning of his assassination. The only person whom I ever personally heard speak of him other than as a great man was an Egyptian who was attending university here. He just shook his head, said that we did not understand, that Sadat was "a pharoh."

    I googled your phrase "from the Nile to the Euphrates." The first link was this: A comment at the bottom asks the question whether, if Pipes is correct, why don't we hear current Israeli leaders saying the same thing. Good point, but from my perspective, I can't see Israel expanding its borders at all in the absence of some threat, even if they wanted to. The bigger threat, in my opinion, is the continued belief that Israel and others have intentions to expand "from the Nile to the Euphrates", as the second link that google provided illustrates:

  8. @ american anonymous , I understandthe meaning of Pharaoh , it means in modern times a dictator, unfortunately Sadaat made some mistakes in the end of his era ,that caused this look yet I am sorry to say that some forget the old days of Nasser when saying that Sadaat is a pharaoh
    about the nile to Eurphates , I am afraid that there are still some redical jew groups still have this dream ,already the Israeli flag means it , the two blue lines . anyway we also got on the other side those who want to erase the Israel from the map just like the Irani president


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