Sunday, November 20, 2005

For the first time in Her long history

For the first time in her long history in the Egyptian Parliament, the oldest member in all Parliaments over the World according to the Book of Genus Record, Fadia Kamal lost the elections in Ain ElSiera District for the first time.
Another defeat to the NDP and Another victory to the patient Egyptian People regardless who won there instead of her, I guess the Muslim brotherhood candidate.
Fadia Kamal is the example of how rotten, Corrupted and Hypocrite are the Egyptian politicians working under the umbrella of the regime party.
Since the 60s and Fadia was in the Assembly till the last period from few months, more than 30 years, three different presidents, with different policies and directions,
She said Yes and Supported Nasser's communist centralized rule.
She Said Yes and Supported Sadaat's open doors capitalistic rule.
She said and still says and support Mubarak's "The father and son" capitalistic and I don't what how categorized this current era.
She was a member in "The Socialist union" then "Egypt Party" and last "The new National Democratic Party".
Like the Lizard changing its color, Nasser attacks the west and she agrees, Sadaat come closer to the West and she agrees, do you understand what I am trying to say !?
And She is not alone by the way, another one shares her same Qualities Mr.Kamal El-Shazely " If you are Egyptian, no need to tell you who is he everyone knows the Moon! If you are not Egyptian, well Mr. Shazely is another rotten hypocrite Example, since the 60s and he is a member in every ruling Party till he reached the ministry of Parliament affairs and he considered from the Old Guards in NDP that Mr.Gamal wants to get rid of.
We won't have a real democratic society, a healthy one with freedom of expression, a society that works for its own interest, except when we get rid of those example for good in other bad words to get rid of this Shit, yes it is shit to be hypocrite.
One step toward to this Society is to ban those hypocrites from representing the Egyptian people in the Assembly as you don't work for people interest but for their own interests, we came closer to it this elections , guys don't lost hope ,it is great achievement we reached this time ,yes Shazely still in his place ,but Fadia is out
Another step is to punish all those Hypocrites; we must punish them to put end for them as they will change their colors to be freedom and democracy supporters
Sometimes I wish that Mohamed Ali, the great founder of Egypt May God bless his soul comes back and punish all those Hypocrites by a Massacre like the one he did in the Citadel with the Mamlukes , a bloody solution I know but Our lives turned in to a bloody one thanks to those Hypocrites
Anywayone goes, Hundreds stay yet the thousand Mile Road begins with one Step.


  1. I was really really shocked when I read in the newspapers that she was there for 35 continious years!
    35! Can't believe

  2. of course she did ,how then she became the oldest parliament member all over the world in Genus record !!!!!!


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