Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some old news yet new for Some : No MSN Messenger any more it will be WLM

This is a bit of old news but there is no harm to post it here in my Egyptian Chronicles .
Without sophisicated introductions
Microsoft the software giant will present to the world soon a new version from its popular IM program , a new version of MSN Messenger
Well till now there is no thing so unique ,so what every now and then MS updates its IM as it is not alone in the Market ,there is Yahoo IM ,there is Aim/Icq "Yes Aol bought Icq and the servers were transferred from Tel Aviv from long time"
what it is unique or what will make the new version unique are some nice interesting features:
  1. The name won't be MSN Messenger anymore, it will be Windows Live Messenger.
  2. New great GUI ,similar to one in the coming Windows Vista.
  3. Pc Calling but it will be for Money not like Skype " I don't know for sure."
  4. File Sharing just like in P2P programs
  5. Many more great features

How I know all these ,well I was from the early people who tried and installed the leaked pre-beta version from MS labs , it is on the loose on the Internet ,yet you have to use a patch to make it work on your PC and your Hotmail/MSN accounts why?

Well MS made a very nice trick, stricking the pre-beta version on its beta testers only with their accounts ,but Thank God for the patches

I use the patch made by talented Lebanese Hacker Mario in MSNfanatic.forum , it is great , yet there are other patches available in the web

You can find all about it in this great site which faces now a horrible problem that MSN will be Windows Live : MESS with Messenger

You can see the screencapture from long time from my PC ,me talking to the Undertaker !!!!!!


  1. There are a lot of neo-nazis on MSN.

  2. sure indeed they use MSN ,everyone use it


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