Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bush wanted to Bomb al-jazeera

The freedom fighter and human rights watcher in the World Mr. G.W.Bush wanted to bomb Al-jazeera Headquater in Doha, Qatar Yet thank Goodness Tony Blair saved the day .
Read the rest of the news of today from The Mirror.com which exposed the whole thing.
What kind of idiot is Bush ?
You know this is consider Dictatorship , as you don't want the other to speak or even open his mouth

The Mirror.com


  1. Freedom fighter== to fight to take the freedom of others

    human rights watcher: to happily watch human rights being stolen and killed

    in this life everyone for himself my friend, if he achieve human rights for his OWN PEOPLE, then that is all he neads and when he die he will rest in peace

    I all the time considered Ariel Sharon a good man!!!!, away from the fact that he is a criminal, but when it deals with his country, he is willing to give everything and this is something we don't see within arabs very much!!!

    live for your people first? will that be the solution? I honestly still don't know especially that you will have to go on redefining the word "own people" until finally you care for your own family only, or even for your own self

  2. Very interesting blog!
    Best regards from Milan, Italy!

  3. mucho gracais Simone

    @ freesoul , but is bombing the Al-jazeera in the sake of American people !?
    I doubt it
    and I agree with you that Ariel Sharon is a good man if look from the other angle , he is doing and did what he believes in the sake of his country and ideaology
    but on the same logic Hilter would be a good person as he wanted the german to be the sole superior people in the world and the others were just like to live on the same planet !!!!


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