Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Customs of the signs and changes

An apology to Abd Allah Wanos's play, I took this title to begin my post about Syria, no it won't be about the Syrian president speech, I am so busy and can't handle this now.
I will speak about some strange things now happening in Syria, the Custom of signs and Changes
Before I continue, I just want to say that I love Syria so much that I consider it the North Part of Egypt and Egypt is the south Part of Syria, yes I still live in this faraway dream of The United Arab Republic
Without any sophisticated introduction, I saw something very strange couple of Weeks, a press conference held by the Syrian Government after the investigation committee report was presented to United Nations.
The new change I saw and I guess many others who are similar with the Baath regime in Syria saw it and were surprised just like me is the Spokeswoman speaking on behalf of the Syrian regime is wearing a veil !!!!!!!!
A Syrian official veiled lady!!!!!!
You may not see some significant in this, so what they are Muslims in the End, well this what you say if you are not similar with what was going in Syria in the last thirty years
In few words, the Baath Party declared a war on Sunnis in Syria since El-Assad took the rule, already most of Baath party are Alowy Shiia, a minority compared to the Sunni percentage, yet The Syrian Baath is not so Shiia devoted ,it is more than a communist party and that's why it had a good relation with Ex: U.S.S.R.
For decades this regime declared a war to erase any religious existence in Syria and before any Baath supporter ask me where did I get this information , well I got it from many Syrian friends Sunnis and Christians who came to Egypt to escape from that dictatorship .
My grandmother's friend is married to a Syrian man, since 30 years she had told my grandmother how the veil was taken off the Syrian ladies heads while they are walking down the streets by the Baath agents and supporters, this story is confirmed by many Syrian people I met in Egypt.
The Crimes of this regime against the Muslim Sunni are terrible, and in fact they are war crime, the Amoy Mosque Massacre, tanks attacking prayers on Friday, Hamma's Massacre, 20,000 Sunni Muslims were killed by raids made by the Air Forces in 1971, I wonder where those Air Forces were in 1973?!
Did u get the picture now? Why I consider this as radical change?
Already the Veil returned back to Syria again after the Death of the father Assad friend of mine visited Syria last year in summer, told me that you can barely see a girl without veil in Sunni parts of Syria
Yet to find an official in a regime that fought Islam for long time with Veil this is a new thing, a new tone
Already I was surprised to find Basher says in his long speech in Damascus University "I won't bow to any one, I won't let the Syrian People bow to anyone, Syria doesn't bow to anyone Except God " …………Really Radical change, I mean I heard that his own dad was taught how to pray when he got the rule so people can accept him.
Also look to the report showing the Speech reaction in Syrian Street shot by Syrian TV, outside the University Hall with speakers all around and then the camera turned to show us and the world couple of Muslim Sheikhs listening to the speech and a veiled lady seemed to be Baath supporter leading a demonstration against the United States
Do you see what I see?
Well it is a human nature to go back to religion in hard times
And Syria and Syrian regime specifically a real Hard time now.


  1. Zeinobia,

    Regarding your comment: "Well it is a human nature to go back to religion in hard times ..."

    This could be the real reason behind Syrian Government new attitude, but they could simply be using the religious emotions of their people to help keep themselves in power a little longer.

    If any government suddenly realized they were wrong about the way they were running the life of their people and have a desire to fix the mess they created, then why would not they simply resign and give someone else a chance?

    Why staying in power if you have realized that you were wrong?

  2. There is one institution that no Muslim dictatorship can subjugate and that is the Mosque. Remember wen we all saw Saddam praying in the Mosque months before the invasion? Remember when he used Religion in his speeches and called on the West as crusaders against Islam? Remember when he decided to build the largest Mosque in the world that could hold up to 2 million people??? All this became apparent between 1991 and his removal in 2003. Saddam and Bashar are not the only culprits. George Bush did it also after 9/11, almost stating that Christendom represents civilisation and Islam otherwise! The Crusades themselves where based on religion and faith. The Western Christians travelled to a faraway land they know nothing of, to wash off their sins and retrieve Jerusalem from the infidels. Today Wahhabi Muslims believe all non Sunni's are non-believers and their death is justifiable under wahabi Sharia Law.
    Unfortunately Religion has been used by everyone sometime in their history in order to promote an idea or gain support.
    The Syrian diplomat in the veil is not only being used to plead with the Arabs who will see her as a symbol of defiance in the face of western pressure, but also to the religious Lebanese who support Syria.
    It's funny how religion is utilised and abused!

  3. you know guys all this -go back to religion -thing is just a way to get closer and have support from the people
    just like in Iraq and America as Hani G said

  4. no doubt relegion is ustiliased by many to serve their purpose. this doesn't say anything about relegion though, it say much about us the human race, reading through the Quran it seems amazing the amount of effort Allah has been putting to keep people in good faith and we simply never stop deviating from the right path. however i sleep everynight confident that my choice of relegion was correct and that i must keep enriching my mind with all the ideas in the world around me to maintain a correct path among the jungle of callers for relegion to serve there own purposes

  5. @ Mohamed many times I wonder why our regimes in the arab islamic world deviate from God 's words , read the Quran and you will find the same way Pharoah of Egypt treated the jews ,is the same way that many arabic regimes are treating its own people , just like the syrian regime
    and amazing the same way of regert that the pharoah made when he was drawning the same regert the syrian regime is doing it


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