Saturday, November 19, 2005

Farewell Hussein El-Shafi

Today Hussein El-Shafi, the member in the free officers of Egypt had passed away after very long life
May God bless his soul
Now only two members are left Zachary Mohi El-Din and Khaled Mohi El-Din
Despite that I didn't like Hussein El-Shafi much , for his opinions about El-Sadaat and his days as Judge for the revolution courts , many innocent people were punished unjustly in this court as I was told and his biased memories of the revolution and the 60s "all was good and great under Nasser rule."
Yet I respected the man ,may be because of his old age ,may be because I found out that my family from Grandmother side is related to his family in distant relativeness
And because I respected the man that there was a bloody question came back again to my mind after I heard the news in the national TV " Why He "Hussein El-shafi" wasn't honored like Zechariah Mohi El-Din in the celebration of the Jubilee of the revolution in 2002?"
Mobarak honored Zechariah with a medal and also Khaled ,yet El-Shafi was ignored totally
was it because El-Safy attacked El-Sadaat ,well Khaled Mohi El-Din doesn't respect late Sadaat either
It was bad act as usual from the Egyptian regime.
I wonder if it was too late to honor him.
The least Mubarak can do tomorrow is to attend the Funeral ,not to send anyone and I think he will send anyone as he will busy with this Iraqi Circus "People Iraq won't have Peace except when the American troops go back home"
Anyway God bless your Hussein El-shafi

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