Friday, November 18, 2005

The Flu season

The Flu season began in our house
Started with Grand Ma and Now me
I am still in the early stages, I am taking medicines and so on, yet I feel things may go worse
You know when you can't breathe from your nose and breathe from your mouth, I am doing this now to keep me alive oh boy.
I feel that winter started early this year, and it seems to be one long very cold winter, I don't like Winter I like summer and the summer nights (


  1. Recover quick my friend, we need you here :)

  2. salamtik Zeinobia

  3. I keep forgetting to sign my name.

    Hani G.

  4. Thanks you both Free Soul and Hani G. :)

  5. Salamtek!

    I just got out of a yucky flu thingie!

    I HATE BEING SICK! yukh!

  6. Now i have it!!!:-(

    Hani G


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