Monday, November 14, 2005

I want to talk about these things

Oh boy many important things happened in the last week that I want so much to speak about , also there are other things I want to speak about in this blog that don't have any connection with the present news
  1. The Syrian issue and the Syrian president speech in Damascus University
  2. Abdel -Karim arresting "if you are Egyptian blogger ,you will know whom I am talking about"
  3. The current events in Egypt and boy they are so many
  4. The jubilee of Egyptian Intelligence "didn't talk the enough space last time"
  5. Why I consider "Agent 1001" is not on the required standard " for all those girls who are waiting to know why I didn't like it"
  6. What else!? Oh yes the TV series I watched in Ramadan "Sara"
  7. Raya and Sakina true terrible images
  8. The life makers again and again

as you see there are many things I put it in my mind yet time is problem as I am busy but I will try , I once made a list like this from couple of months yet I didn't write anything , hopefully I will write this time :)

Stay tune


  1. Add to them answering my question :D

    I cleared things up for you in the comments and i will update the post to clarify the question a little more, i guess i will write the whole topic compined with the reason behind it on this weekend

    remember, he is the devil as defined, there is no chance he is anything else :)

  2. Hey Zeinobia I replied to the comment you left on my blog with regards to Mustafa Akkad .. :)


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