Monday, November 14, 2005

It is not an Islamic Revolution that in France

Last night I knew from the Dream TV 2 10 O'clock that American Fox news is saying that on going angry riots in France are an Islamic Revolution!!!!!!!!
First I didn't watch Fox news for some time now as I think it is lying and biased against the Muslim Community in the world
Second I am amazed describing the Angry riots in France by Islamic not mention that I heard that that Fox News is so happy saying that deserves France for not going in the American carven and standing against the American war machine !!!!!!!

Guys what are you seeing in France is the anger of unacceptable social class
a social class that consists of the third generations of Immigrants that have French passport with French culture yet they are not accepted till now as citizens
Yes most of them come of North Africa where Arabic and Islam are the language and religion of this area of World
But the third generation whose origin comes from this region ,barely speaks Arabic or even practice Islam as it should be
this is a reality no one can deny ,there is gap , a lost identity between roots that had been cut off from long time and nationality that is only on passport and id papers
It is the anger of social class that found itself unaccepted because of Color ,origin and poverty
Do you know that the districts outside Paris where Riots erupted ,the French word to describe them comes from the English Word "BAN"
Yesterday I knew this shocking racist information from a French guest in 10 O'clock
Even if you are blond ,with colored eyes you won't be able to work in a decent place if you come from these places.
The crime rates there are high , the ignorance rate there are high , the poverty there are high
The hip-hop and rap there was full of violence and hate since 10 years ago
It is a social Vito made by those unaccepted to be accepted as humans with rights to be respected and to be protected
No religion in this game nor origin roots , guys those don't want to return to Algeria or Ivory Coast ,those want to be French citizen , complete French citizen

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