Monday, December 12, 2005

Sad day for freedom in Lebanon and Arab World

It is sad day for freedom in Lebanon and in the Arab world.
It is sad day for freedom in Lebanese and Arabic jounralism.
It is sad day for all those who believe in freedom,democracy and equity
Today the famous Lebanese journalist Gobran Tuonei was killed in massive blast in Beirut ,the beauty and fashion capital seems to become the death and blasts capital .
Terrible images on Channels like Future TV ,LBC TV and Al-Jazeera , it shocked me and shocked all those who were watching TV today.
Gobran Tuonei for me was an example of the handsome,intelligent and successful man ,I consider him more diplomatic than many Lebanese leaders , he got many good relations especially with the Egyptian officials "yes I opposed many of Egypt's internal policies but I am with the external policies", so it is shocking really shocking.
Gobran is the son of a very famous journalist Ghasan Tuonei and comes from a very famous family in the Journalism industry in Lebanon and he owns the El-Nahr newspaper , got four girls and his uncle is Marwan Hamada , the famous opposition leader and if you are following the Lebanese issue ,you will know that Marwan Hamada was saved by a miracle from an assassination attempt ,in fact it was the first in series of bombings in Beirut followed directly with the terrible assassination of El-Harriri and ended by Tuonei.
Tuonei is the second journalist from El-Nahr to be killed in a blast , few months ago Samir Safir the famous journalist there and the husband of one of top 10 best female tv-presenter in the world according to New York Times Gizelle Khouri, ended his life in Similar way.
Also He is the third from the media to be a victim of bombing as after Samir Safir ,there was the LBC TV presenter Mai Shadik
Tuoni won the parliament elections this year as member for the Orthodox chair in Beirut "Sorry if I am mistaken" and he was from the leaders of the independence movement in Lebanon ,the movement that inspired many people in the Arab world including me .
He was against the Syrian existence in Lebanon after the retreat of Israel from the South and he had all the right in this opposition , and that 's why Syrian regime is on the accusation list "the problem is that the Syrian regime did many crimes that makes it impossible to believe that it didn't have any relation after all the blood of millions of Syrians and Lebaneses is curse on it"
I think the one who really did it is the president Email Lahoud ,as from few weeks Tuoni attacked him so fiercely in the Parliament,and called for his accountability .
I think Lahoud is behind it directly not Syria , Syria I am sorry to use this word is in deep Shit ,already the second international investigation report came out and oh boy it is very bad position 5 Syrians are involved
It is not wise thing to Kill Touni if I were in a Syrian regime place
Already I felt that Touni is from the moderated opponent compared to some one like General Oan or Samir Ga3ag
anyway the bombing game in Lebanon reached to the number 15 , 15 bombing and assassination !!
To all my Lebanese friends I share your grief and sadness ,consider me one of you today ...:(


  1. Hi there Zeinobia,

    I was browsing the web and I came across your website and I was wondering why don't you join the Egypt Blog Aggregator at

  2. @Hany Can't say anything except I share you the grief for your great last and I always remember his words he said in the independence intifada "we swear ,Muslims and chirstians to be united forever ever and long live Lebanon the great ",the man dies yet his words live

    @genesis ,well thanks I will join it inshallah

  3. that what I love about the lebanese parties Ya Hani ,really I wish the Egyptian parties learn a lesson and stop fighting each other for the Sake of Egypt just like the lebanese parties did for the sake of Lebanon


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