Friday, December 23, 2005

Sharon's Banquet

Sharon's Banquet
Mr. Ariel Sharon was sick in the last couple of days as you know; he was suffering from a stroke in his brain. But what you didn't know that the Israeli prime minister ate too much before feeling sick and was hospitalized for three days.
Those were what he ate:
  1. Limb ribs "Yummy I love them so much"

  2. Kabab "interesting to know that in Israel there is Kabab also like in Egypt."

  3. Meat Stick with Sauce "didn't know if it is half cooked or what"
In dessert
  • Chocolate dessert

  • Oriental dessert
There are lots of Calories and fats in this banquet, no wonder he got this big, very big stomach
Anyway I won't deny but many people surround me wished that he would die from this stroke yet I didn't not because I believe in Peace but because I believe he deserves another death , a death that suites a war criminal like him .
Consider this as you like, I consider this the least we can do, just praying and hoping for the sake of our P.O.W in 1967, for their honorable blood


  1. you will need to read a while in the jewish books, you will see wonders!!!!!

    ok, I still have big respect for this person, respect him as an enemy that faught for his country for the period of his life since he was 18, he was also brave enough and wize enough to support returning sinai to egypt, that is confirmed historical facts,

    like dyan, he is a war man, and that is why he understand the cost of war with a strong country like egypt

  2. well I don't know about the respect ,yes I respect him as powerful commander but I don't I believe there must be some certain of ethical code when you treat your enemies, ironically Sharon doesn't have this code

    Dyan by the way was famous by showing off , also he was a pyscho according to his own daughter memories ,I read it , and I found wonders !!


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