Wednesday, February 1, 2006

When Loves turn in to hate "Ahmed,Hend and Lena indian Movie"

When Loves turn in to hate "Ahmed, Hend and Lena Indian movie part deux"
You still with me my dear visitors and the most controversial social shock the Egyptian had seen since very long time.
Now Hend got her baby whose father Ahmed refuses to admit that she is his own flash and blood, and unfortunately the laws stand with him, yet she doesn't give up, same thing for her parents.
For year and half they appeared on every thing channel in Egypt and the Arab World in disgusting way.
Why disgusting way?
Okay the honorable professor who teaches economics in the AUC, stands and says my daughter was married an Orfi marriage while all the things especially his own daughter story "despite her insistence that it was an Orfi marriage" say that it was adultery, a paper signed by two persons with no witnesses what so ever, a complete secret life despite that the origin of the marriage in Islam is the announcement!!!
What makes me feel more disgust is that there is a bunch of ladies and feminists took the case and turned in to their crusade against Men and religion, it is rare scene when you see both Safinaz Kadam and Nawal El-Sadawy together!!
Now I will go for my opinion about this whole media circus
  1. Ahmed El-Fashawy deserves more punishment, for this sinful relation, I was shocked to know in Akhbar El-Youm about his engagement!! I wonder what kind of respectful family that accepts him as son in law after this scandal, yes everyone needs a new start but I don't know!!

  2. The whole attack on Amr Khaled because of this scandal, I wonder what is the relation between Khaled and this shameful act!!?? Yes Fashawy was from his followers but this doesn't mean that Khaled told Ahmed to go, have sex with the girl and then deny it!! Yes Fashawy was considered from the new preachers generation, and he used to present this religious show but connecting between religion and what he did, that he was acting the religious devoted boy, they are all like this bla, bla, bla, for God sake every person can make a sin and then he can ask forgiveness from God, by the way this what made people very angry and turn all the love and respect towards Ahmed in to great hate and disrespect! Yet this doesn't give a man like Mofid Fawzy the right to appear on the ART and to attack Khaled because of El-Fashawy JR's mistake ,people this is one person ,why don't they see many young people whom Khaled changed their lives and make from it something useful "I know some of those people and believe me there is a great change"

  3. Lady Hend and her family seems to me very open minded family ,they live in Egypt yet by the western style ,the girl can go and come at any time she wants whether day or night !!

  4. I believe that Hend was madly in love with him ,she was crazy about El-Fashawy JR ,yet he used her for some time and happy new year baby ,see in another time ,in another life and that's why she kept the baby ,she loves him that much that she decided to destroy him by all possible way regardless of all the obstacles ,the revenge of a lover that suffered a lot ,you see if you read Nazar Kabani famous poem "Pregnant "if she hated him from the beginning she wouldn't left a piece of him in her body.

  5. I feel it really silly when a 22 years old boy fools a 28 years girl, and I feel it more sillier when a 28 year girl doesn't know the dangers of Orfi Marriage

  6. The only person in this Indian movie that I am really with and ask God to save from both irresponsible parents Little Lena , she came to unjust world because of the lust of her dad and the stupidity of her mom, surely she became one of the most famous babies in the history of Egypt

  7. Miss Hend , who became the officially the first Egypt woman to held the title Miss while she got a  little baby ,is saying that her case is 14,000 cases and she is not doing this and leading the crusade except to help those 14,000  !!
Last week the court decided to refuse the case because of the lack of the evidence, it is not convincing!! Even for some one like me.
For the first time in history I admire Tamer Amin attitude when he interviewed Hend last week
And yes Poor Lena is the daughter of adultery affair yet that doesn't make her a third degree citizen in my eyes but a victim.


  1. It's quite shocking, I dare say. I totally agree with all you say esp. that part about the girl's family humiliating themselves on national TV and her crazy, almost sick, love for him...

  2. this is what I called a sick love


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