Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The real view of secuirty officials in Egypt toward the opposition The Cannibal spelled all"

Did you see last night episode for El-Hakika "The truth" program on Dream TV ??

This episode is historical , in fact I guess it is the best episode ever presented by Journalist Wael El-Ebrashi , forget all his hit episodes from interviews with immigrant copts or the Egyptian Bahaai

Forget it all , this episode must be recorded in the Egyptian history and this what I am doing now

why ?

Not because it was discussing the Judges crisis and the shameful acts of the Egyptian Police toward the supporters and the judges themselves "the word shameful is very merciful word , the word barbaric is much better "

Not because there was a great judge talking about his concerns regarding the security interfere in the Judges crisis whose name is Ashraf El-Barodi

but because of his opposite guests , those two regime speakers

General Abd El-Fatah , the ex-assistant of the Minister of Interior who is now MP from the NDP , I don't know why I have the feeling that this general used to work in the Investigation of National Security

The Senate member Dr Shawky Garib , for those who don't the short old man , this wicked old man is the regime best tailor for laws that suppressed the freedom and creativity of the nation for over 30 years !!

They reminded me of the famous old couple in the Muppet show known as Statler and Waldorf , you know the annoying audience from the Muppet show , the Muppet that we used to watch after the breakfast in Ramadan before the late Mona Abou El-Nasr present Bakar Untitled - 1.jpg"please stand on the photo with your mouse over it to read what I wrote !!"

Forget all the great words of the judge and sarcastic comment El-Barshi , who is by the way will stand in front of the Crimes Court for being the chief in editor who approve on publishing topics concerning the vast cheat operation that happened in the last elections in the Sowat El-Oma "Voice of Nation" weekly liberal newspaper !!

Look to the governmental couple and listen carefully to poems Mr. General Ex -Assistant said :

    • The Street is ours "the security forces" while the judges' club and the courts they "the Judges" do what ever they want*1
    • You "to the Judge Barody as a Representative for the judges" let others from the MB and Kafya to use your case and this is a huge big vast mistake !!
    • If we had left the MB and Kafya destructive members and didn't interfere we would have a situation like the one we had on the 14 of January *2!!
    • We are a country of Establishments thus we are a country of order , and there we can't any attempt for chaos*3
    • They must be dragged on the floors "those element of Kafya and MB " for Egypt , they must be dragged those dirty rascals !!!!!!!*4
    • Muslim Brotherhood did this , Muslim Brotherhood did that !!*5

*1.I thought that "The Street is ours " is a famous 70s song written by the great poet Salah Jahin and was a slogan for the left side in Egypt for a long

it says:

The street is ours , the Street is ours

Those other people are not from ours

I guess you know who are "ours" and who are the "other people ".

*2. For those who are unfamiliar with our modern political history , Egypt saw on the 14th & 15th of January 1977 there was some public anger that evolved in to a violent protest with smashing and destroying private properties especially The Al-Haram Street "Beside the great Pyramids of Giza" where it was and is still known for its nightclubs and dirty red nights making it the Egyptian Las Vegas , anyway people smashed the casinos and so on , this public violent protests was described by El-Sadaat My God bless his soul as "The intifada {uprising} of the thieves}, yet they were n't thieves in fact they were angry ,very angry citizens from the real working low class who were stunned by the government's decision to rise the price of bread just few another Piastres :) !!

*3. A country of establishment , this term was another some stupid totalitarian concept , vague , what establishments !? we got many stupid terms no one real understand its meaning.


Here the most important thing he ever said , the real face of the regime , the real way of thinking appeared without the mask of the democracy , the real way those guys in the police suite look and think toward any opposition what so ever , torturing them , humiliating them by dragging on the floor ,on the street, on the asphalt is the best way to handle those naughty boys and girls ,those enemies of the regime and the system , dragging on the street is better known in Arabic as Sahal , it is very humiliating , i wish some one tells the right English word equivalent to it , this is the first time some one from the regime speak in this provoking way on air

Ironically all those who was watching the episodes and we were exactly 6 ladies , two old ladies , two middle aged women and two young lady , different generations and classes ,were so nervous and so angry from this man , you can imagine the insults and curses that were said because of this man 's stupid talk, one of the old ladies got so angry that she said

YOU bastard ,son of gun , son of b*tch...........You Cannibal , will you be dragged to hell you liar .....etc

Cannibal , he is one hell of a Cannibal

5* The usual Muslim brother phobia nonsense

I will end this post by remembering the beautiful words full of wisdom for this Alexandrian Judge

I really wish that the Egyptian Police treats us the same way the Israeli Army treated the Israeli Settlers

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  1. This is an old episode of Al Hakika Program. Why we are not updated this column with the recent progams day by day. I would like to know how to contact Mr. Wael El Ibrashi about his most recent episode like yesterdays 24/5/2009 the discussion about Hisham Talaat Mustapha. What was the purpose of raising an old case of the girl that committed suicide because of Suzan Tamimi's brother suspecting that he is to be convicted of her death but because of the authority of Hisham Talaat Mustapha he was cleared without any conviction and that is because of the use of authority. My question is what is the purpose of opening this case now Mr Hisham is to be hanged. Does he need to be punished more than that? I just need Mr. Al Ibrashi to answer my question. By the way I highly respect Mr. Wael I'm one of his numerous fans and always watching his successful program


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