Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What was G.M doing in D.C ??

The little dirty secret of last week is exposed

And strangely it wasn't exposed from inside but from outside as usual

The dirty little secret is :

Mr. Gamal Hosni Mubarak ,the son of the President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and the head of the Policies Committee in the NDP "National Democratic party ",the ruling party of Egypt , went to the U.S.A last weekly secretly to the capital in specific Washington D.C where he met with President G.W Bush for a short meeting and his secretary of National security Steve Hadley on Friday !!!!!!!!!!

The Sources from Elaph and Filbalad "Reuters"

Interesting is n't it !?

as the Egyptian people in the Vally of the Nile didn't know about this secret visit to the white house or this short meeting and ironically the one who announced it with the spokesperson of the White house who also said

GM came to D.C for private business and that he met with Bush and the later sent with him greetings to his father the President of Egypt !!!

More and more interesting

Now please remind me again , as who GM goes to Washington?? as the head of the policies committee or as the next president or as who ?

what is his role in the Egyptian regime exactly or government to do such important trip ?

OK before someone call me stupid or naive I know what he does unofficial from ruling Egypt , doing all what he can to inherit Papa throne !!

but really I want to know what he was doing there ? what kind of comprise he was doing with the yanks in order to rule the Vally of the Nile? I believe it is something like selling yourself to the devil , and ironically i don't know who is the devil in our story here !! is he GM or the Yanks ??!!

This is a decoded messages to all those who believe that the U.S would save the people of the Vally that says

"Don't count on this folks "

People already Bush is using the same ol' techniques we have since I don't know when from spying on his own people ,also I would like to remind that the Egyptian prisons are being used by the C.I.A as Ethan Hunt believes in Outsourcing!!

anyway I am afraid from what GM would present to the U.S in order to support him because I know this devil deal would be 100% in the favour of the GM and the yanks while it would be 100% against the Egyptian people and Egypt !!

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