Thursday, July 27, 2006

Forbidden Weapons used in Lebaon : The same old game

Check here : Depleted Uranium in Lebanon

Check here also : Phosphorus Bomb , already President Lahood and PM Seniora accused Israel of using it and here it is another article about it

Phosphorus Bomb,do you see the Mickey Mouth blanket :(

and oh check this from Weird the future weapon Israel is working on and this the is famous Weird , but it is not really Weird for me that Israel is working on this futuristic weapon

It is not a surprise to me at all , already Israel is using forbidden weapons since very long I believe the most obvious time the world saw this savage use and set as silent as it is now , was in year 1967 in bombing the Suez Canal cities with the Napalm bombs , thousands died and no one blamed Israel at all, in fact we were the usual Arab terrorists , I swear when I get a scanner I will share with you the photos and brochures of the Israeli crimes against humanity in bombing the Suez Canal 1967 which my late grand father kept , terrible images but ironically I got used to it thanks to the frequent arab death scene in the news , from Palestine to Iraq and beautiful Lebanon.

What makes me anger is this double faced world , I don't how it think this civilised world always accuse as the Arabs and Muslims of being terrorists ,of possessing forbidden WMD and threatening the Hebrew state , while in reality the opposite happens , we are not the victimiser ,we are the victim ,we always were , first our lands were taken and our people are killed in the most disrespectful , barbaric way and when we answer back , it is a bloody terrorism

Is n't using this list of forbidden weapons consider a war crime ?

Is n't targeting civilians and even the militants with forbidden deadly weapons a war crime ?

why it didn't once even be blamed ?

You know why the Arabs are angry because they feel that they are cheap with no price what so ever , their children are cheap , the whole world ,sorry the dominating west forget that our children are just as precious and as human as the Israeli kids

Even the right to answer back or revenge is called terrorism , while it is not , I am sorry but the so-called Peace won't make the mothers and fathers and grandparents of those children sleep well , it is not terrorism , it is the right of those children

Forget it is Israel , Forget it is the Hebrew state , forget that is the Holocaust survivals country

Just close your eyes and imagine with me A country that uses forbidden weapons to target the civilians in other countries is considered what ? especially those other countries don't really use or even have these forbidden weapons and even if they have they never used on the civilian of this country , by the way this imaginary country never appealed to any of the UN or security council resolutions , occupies the other countries lands and it is more advanced in all fields from those surrounding countries ,and by the way this country got a nuclear program with several nuke heads and an atomic bomb

What do you think of this country ?

More shocking images here

Wikipedia sources : ,Phosphorus bomb

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  1. Anyone with an open mind sees Israel as a war criminal, with a terrible history of violating human rights - especially with regard to the cluster bombs and white phosphorous. And bombing UN outposts. The same thing happened in Lebanon 25 years ago. These recent events do not come as a surprise to me.

    I wish I could do more than lend ideological support, speaking out against their crimes. Keep up the good work.

  2. I share with you the wish of doing something more than talking , what makes me sad ,the whole world is blamin gthe arabs calling them terrorists and Israel got no blame what so ever


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