Friday, August 18, 2006

Old plans or what ?

There is some piece of information I don't know if it is right or wrong but it is sure interesting as it is concerning the roots of the conflict in the middle East

The old information says the following

David Ben Gorion , the first prime minister for Israel and one of its founder wanted to include south Lebanon in Israel to control the Litani river !! Yet UK and France refused

Already I understand why they refused ,if he wanted to take the south and Litani he would have to fight with the Lebanese state which took its independence from France either 1945 or 1946 I don't recall the precise date , where as when the Zionists established their state on the land of Palestine there was no official Palestine , already , it was under the British rule and before the Othamani Turkish rule

So we got here old dreams , Ben Gorion wanted the Litani to ensure the existence of a water , in fact one of the reasons why the Israelis refuse to give back Shabaa's farms because it is considered one of the water resources to them and this according to President's Lahood last interview

So we may have here another ignored factor in the war no body paid attention to it and it is that we are facing some sort of a water war

From couple of years I remember that the people of South of Lebanon restored back the Litani river , as IDF did some sort of shifting the water current to their lands , I don't want anyone to ask what I am talking but I am sure there was something concerning the Litani river and Israel proposed an objection to the UN ,despite it is Lebanese

And here it is : Litani River case dispute between Lebanon and Israel

Already there is one river that is feeding Israel that is Jordan river , which also is feeding Jordan , the other water source of Israel  is Lake Tabria , which also in Syrian Golan Heights

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