Egyptian Chronicles: Everybody hates Laila

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Everybody hates Laila

Can please anyone tell me why all the men in the Egyptian blogsphere hate Laila that much??

We don't hate men ,but hate this treatment !! For God sake even the smallest blame you can't stand it
To all the men and boys there we are not only females ,but we are also your mothers,your sisters and your daughters

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  1. "Can please anyone tell me why all the men in the Egyptian blogsphere hate Laila that much??"

    I dun think we are all against the idea. Ok, there are many bloggers against it, but on the other hand there are ones who are not against or even supporting it.
    Ok, some guys think that they will loose some privilages, so they are fighting the idea, but not all men are shallow minded as those ones.

    Btw, I think you'd better tag your Laila related posts with a unified technorati tag, "Laila" for example.

  2. We need to know, we may be different than you, and that's why we need to know just direct points that pisses you off. For us, it's better to tell us "You want us to do so and so", and "stop doing so and so", instead if telling a long story. And I think the Lailas kept on telling individual stories, and that's why their message was not delivered well.
    We feel your pain, but we - as men and as a whole society as well - want to know what specific points that annoys you in order to discuss it and try to change it if we can.


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