Egyptian Chronicles: Oh Lord ! Don't let me be misunderstood

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh Lord ! Don't let me be misunderstood

With apology to Santa Esmeralda's big 1970s hit in Kill Bill Vol.1

I remember this song when I read the Vatican's comments about the provoking statements of the Pope last Thursday in Germany that attacked Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH".

I am sorry but do they think Muslims are so naive , that they would believe this stupid claim that the Pope' speech was misunderstood !! as It was a scientific lecture plus the Pope wanted to attack the use violence to spread the religion !! Are we that naive to buy such naive comments ??

Sorry but the least thing the Pope can do is to apology to us as Muslims already it won't be the first time , he did it with the Jews

First of all if this were a scientific lecture in a church surely about the Christian faith ,so why he mentioned our religion and its prophet "PBUH" in the first place !! and as I said in my previous post below , he knew the impacts of such statements and he knew very well that the media is following his speech ,so what is going on ??

I am sorry but our religion was called as violent evil religion and our Prophet "PBUH" was called as a coward , so how provoking the Pope wanted his words to be so he and his men would consider it as an insult !!

If you forgot I will remind you !!!!

With an apology to Huda Sultan's famous 1950s song

Second ,it is a joke when the Catholic Church in Rome speaks about logic,mind,thinking with the core of the religion and the well of God , after was n't this the same Church which for many centuries fought scientists and philosophers ?? Wasn't it the same church that prohibited the books of Arabic philosophy for many centuries in Europe for great philosophers like Ibn Roshad whom I studied for him in high school his theories about the human well and whether he is free to choose his life or forced by the well of God "I took 49/50 in Philosophy" !!?? speaking of mind and thinking with the well of God in Islam in a negative way makes laugh so much especially when the speaker is the head of the Catholic church !!

Third about violence in spreading the religion man those whose houses are of glass shouldn't throw people with stones ,do you remember the inspection courts ?? the compulsion the people of south America and the destruction of their civilizations !!??? The oppression of Jews in the middle ages in Europe?? The destruction of the great libraries of Andulsia because they were about Science and Philosophy and at that time those two things were like black magic against God !!

I still got more to say

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