Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ahmed Fouad Najam on New TV

Ok I found out the reason of the great attack on Ahmed Fouad in the national TV from couple of weeks ago

It is something new for Ahmed Fouad Najam to behave like this on the TV , already this is him , it is something he does only because this is his nature

Watch any interview with him and you will see that the guy is using the same way from rude and bold words

It is not the first time to say the word "Ass" or criticizes Hosni Mubarak boldly and rudely on TV on Air

Link to يا خي أحّه: فين الزرار؟ 12130 نايلسات في الكازوزة

But for sure it is the first time that the broadcasting was cut off suddenly in the last 1/3 of the episode on the Egyptian Nilesat and thus majority of viewers in Egypt didn't have the chance to complete Nishan's interesting TV Show and his mad guest" I don't consider him mad ,I consider him as a frank person whose problem that he doesn't know diplomacy ,this is simply because he comes from a background that doesn't know diplomacy nor hypocrisy . Nilesat is operated by the Egyptian government by the way :)

Please if any had a recording for the episode ,try to upload it ,because I want to see what this guy had said and caused the Lebanese bouquet to be cut off from  broadcasting on the Nile Sat



  1. yeah i saw that lady
    from her 1st words i told mum "el set deh gamda gedan" i just adore her and wish mona would do something bgd

  2. Me too ya Blue I wish that Mona does something


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