Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bravo Noarah Najam :)

Noarah Najam was from few seconds on Dream TV2 channel speaking about the TV series in Ramadan , the daughter of Ahmed Fouad Najam and Safinaz Kadim opened the subject of the Sexual harassment outrage in Downtown Cairo live in TV talkshow  the popular "10 O'clock" , the first thing she started with as soon as Mona Shazely asked her about her opinion in the TV series

Bravo Noarah and thanks

El-Shazely promised Noarah to search the incidents

Not also that Noarah ,the daughter of her father opened the fire on the police :)

Please if 10 O'clock airs something about the incident ,please please all a message to all the ladies who were sexually harassed that night to call the program and share their experience on air , because I am afraid that there will be some denial

 Ladies it is in your hand



  1. بنت جدعه و بنت ابوها بصحيح

  2. sure she is daddy's daughter , she is also her mother's too


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