Sunday, October 29, 2006

The search for a solution to the sexual harassment

لا حياء فى العلم و لا حياء فى الدين

We are still with the Downtown Sex maniacs of the feast , today I was thinking for solution to this problem.I read several posts from different people to reach for a solution

I found some preferred to cut the balls of those maniacs "it was the oldest" , well I think this solution is good for the  rapists , also good for those who like to let their balls to smell the air from time to time , and ladies and girls can use the tricot sticks in the process , sticking it  "pop cheap self defense"

Seriously this some may find it comic , but I believe rapists should be hanged , but in self defense everything is possible ,already this tricot idea seems to have a sister in south Africa

Instead of using granny's tricot sticks to cut the balls , why not learning some self defense fighting techniques ,I am not saying martial arts because there is difference between them . In fact I wish that we in Egypt have something like this

If you are not a type of Lara croft girl nor Max Guevara then my advice is to carry a self defense spray  or stun gun ,already I carry a self defense, I know they are expensive to obtain in Egypt and some weapon stores ask for a licence and strange stuff , but if you know someone abroad or got a relative who is working either in the police or in the army,you can get one, I got mine through a friend who brought it to me from Italy from an American G.I.Joe ,it cause blindness half an hour and vomiting for more than two hours.

If you can't buy it , you can bring in your bag the pepper mill from dinning room with black pepper ,you can use it instead of the Pepper Spray ,or outside fancy mill , you can buy a small Doha black pepper jar and if any stud harasses you , you will simply open the lid of the jar ,you can also put several chilly stuff in it , I am serious I swear

Please I ask you girls and women who came to your sister blog to read this from

These are protective solutions from the society or from the victims side

what about government ??

I believe rapists , any rapist should be hanged , not the stupid solution of marrying the victim to the rapist , the victim to the victimizer like some families do to hide a scandal!

It is either execution or castration as penalty , and execution should be in public places so it would be an example and remainder for anyone thinks for a moment in harassing a girl sexually

Now to the more wider problem ,the problem of this sex maniac youth ,hungry from lust ,what we should do

Some wise people like Elf "I mean he is really wise and yet he shocked me ,but it is not the first time" who are calling for the re-legalization of prostitution in Egypt , yes don't be surprise , Prostitution in Egypt was legal till the 1940s when it was criminalized , it was brought with Napoleon's french invasion to Egypt

Now I won't speak about the religion objection on it ,nor the society objection on it , nor how women suffer from this disgusting profession mentally and physically

I will speak about the expected results

  1.  The increase in children with parents that are put on the doorsteps of orphanages and mosques and churches ,
  2. The increase of sexual disease , for God Sake how many people in this country now the term "Safe Sex" ,
  3. Turning Egypt in to an international middle eastern human traffic trade just like Dubai and Israel
  4. Egypt's reputation among the Arab world "already we suffer from the stereotyping of the Egyptian women in the Arab world , let's say the truth , yes some cheap Egyptian women sell them to the gulf dollars , but it is not excuse"

Strange that I once saw  an episode for Dr.Phil about two twins working as prostitutes who are mentally broken , and I admired him so much then ,because he kept taking about the dangerous of this profession and how it destroys women and how the society disrespect it , for God Sake , the American society doesn't respect prostitutes nor stripers nor playboy girls as you think , they are the joke of the society and its ugly face,I remember from few days ago I was reading in about a coverage about the Dukes University rape accident where a team of the boys elite raped a striper , it was the talk of the town because it was about sex,money and influence , I swear I read some comments saying that it was the girl's fault after she was working as a striper performing her act in front of a whole team of hungry rich white boys !!!

The solution to turn those savages again to humans again is in both society and government

Let them marry , down with expensive silly expense , for God Sake no need for 5 rooms flat on the bahry side ,start small with studio

The government and regime stop margnilization of the youth , fill their empty head

those savages unfortunately part of them is future of this country ,please turn them to humans again !!


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  2. Read any of the literature of the field and sex addiction is that it can not be "cured." That's a good way to maintain a full therapy practice ... "Could see this as a problem of strange sexual disorders could be treated with medication?


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