Friday, October 27, 2006

And why there is official silence on Downtown sex maniacs!!??

Sex dicks maniacs are released in Downtown Cairo unfortunately and the Police forces were and are just watching ,while Sex harassments in the streets and squares reached to unacceptable level ,and they still are watching

I don't know when the press in Egypt will start talking about the incident of last Tuesday and Wednesday too , of course I am talking about the independent opposition newspapers ,not the official ones aka Egyptian Prvada style as those newspapers cover another Egypt ,the fairy Egypt where Men are still men , Women are still virgins and Water is clean !!, I am talking about newspapers like "Sot El-Oma" . but then I I remember that we are in feast season , already they published their newspapers earlier this week, so till the public on large scale to know we have to wait unfortunately

Yet the big question here Why there was and is official silence on Downtown Sex maniacs outrage ??

Already from the stories I read ,there were couple of soldiers who tried to protect the girls and ladies by taking off their belts and whipping those hungry animals by them but without a result , they didn't stop because their numbers were much more and I believe that their bodies got this immunity against whipping after all

Also there were some police officers who only felt so happy by the roles of the spectators as I read and every time some one asked them for help they answered that it was feast time and Police was busy in other areas !!!

I swear if one Police patrol or two were roaming in the area during this time ,all those bastards would be scared

Strange ,very strange when youth got involve in such shameful act and the police do nothing , while if youth gather and protest on the dictatorship in the country calling for democracy , then Police and interior ministry declare war on them ,sending their martial arts experts and sending to jails of torture !!

Don't be surprise my dear sir and madam ,

this is expected in a country with a regime like ours a dictator regime

Youth especially young men should n't be involved in any respectable intellectual activity otherwise they will begin to think ,and when they think they will start to discover the misery in their life and who is responsible for it , then they will criticize , and this can lead them to protest and from protest you can have a rebel with a cause who can make a revolution , simple as this

And thus Youth ,the majority of them should get busy in other stuff , shallow ,to make their heads empty so these empty heads can be controlled easily

The means for this are so simple , let them be busy in football,in movies,in music,in women and sex, even in religion , but of course with caution especially with the last one ,you see if Youth know their religion very well , their religion and returned to work with its real teaching ,they will stand against the regime as "The word against an unjust ruler is a jihad" so instead of this ,the regime will control the mosques and their clerics and scholars, creating silly issues to be discussed "The beard to be cut or let , the Shiite are Muslims or not , should we start Raman with KSA or by ourselves " to the rest of these matters , these that created religious void that I am afraid is full now by many of the wahabi imported teachings.

As you see this is the plan of the regime ,let the youth be busy in anything else other than their miserable conditions from poverty ,ignorance ,disease ,corruption and the cause of all these dictatorship.

In the past Egyptian Police used to arrest those naughty boys who harassed ladies and girls in the streets and beside humiliation in the police stations ,they used to get the barber to shave their heads off like potato's ,my grandma and mother told me that that was the ultimate punishment in the past , men and boys would be very embarrassed because of it ,yet now Egyptian police is just watching !!

Ironically the Egyptian Police slogan is "The police is in the service of the people" oh yes the people !!!


  1. You know, even this slogan is not there any more, it's been replaced some time ago with a silly one, "The police and the people are in the service of the country (aka government)"

  2. correction ya Tarek not the goverment by the regime :)
    this is better

  3. ِAlhamdullelah that the police officer didn't hurt the girls


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