Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Return of the Rascals "The 6th of October War celebration 2006"

I couldn't believe it when I read their names in the newspapers ; both Tamer Hosni and Haytham Shaker were going to participate in the celebrations of the 6th of October War victory 2006 ,really I felt too sad
Already I never felt so sad in the 6th October victory anniversary like this year .I know it may sound strange but I am from the people who love this occasion and respect it so much , every year I must celebrate in a way or another whether reading Nabil Farouk's books and articles about the fantastic charade the Egyptian regime played to trick Israel or listening to the wonderful songs of Abd El-Halim ,Soad Hosni and Warda chanting about the wonderful victory or at least I read "El-Fataha Verses" over the souls of the wonderful souls who  gave their souls for the unity and dignity of this country.
I know it may sound strange because I was born after a decade of the war .
There is no occasion in the modern Egyptian history that affects me like this , call me crazy "already I was told once that I am so because I am celebrating the day" , call me brained washed by the military regime propaganda , call me what ever you want ........but it is a great day
And because it is a great day , because it is not the achievement of one man that is usually the pharaoh aka the president , but because it is the achievement of many other great men , yes late President gave the decision but who fought on the ground , who brought back the land , who brought back the peace with the power of blood , they were the sons of the great Egyptians .
This war ,this victory is not the achievement of one , please don't make it like this , don't underestimate it
Oh man I feel I forgot myself in the last few seconds to put in the same mood I recommend that you hear this song Click here
anyway as I said all those feelings of pride didn't prevent me from feeling sad and dull , it is not because we are in Ramadan and TV is suffering from silly programs and TV series congestion , and it is not because this occasion in particular was changed in the last 25 years from the War of October 73 to the War of the Air Strike and its leader despite the fact that Mubarak didn't move on his own and was taking his orders from above at that time ,I believe this year people began to forget despite they should not do,this year the 6th of October was so dull , newspapers are not celebrating as usual except the same old hypocrisy to the Air Forces.
No one denies that the statements of Talaat El-Sadaat "I will speak about it soon ,I swear and I guess you know that from the poll" stole all the attentions but I believe those statements were like the stone that was thrown in a still water but other than that I felt we are losing our national memory day after day
It was sequence of events actually that made the day loses its importance
  • GM and his nuclear crusade
  • Condi's glorious visit "she didn't visit the memorial Solider tomb ,did she !!??"
And bow it ended with the silly stupid ridiculous celebration of the war held by both the ministries of information and defense and attended by the President.
This year's celebration is worst in the history of these celebrations ,it was an insult to the army , in fact Talaat Sadaat didn't insult the army compared to what happened in this celebration " I believe he didn't insult it at all "
    The ministries of information and defense hired as usual some singers to sing a stupid Operate about the victory and guess who were among them , well I know you are already know :Tamer Hosni and Haytham Shaker ,the pop singers who forged official documents to escape from the mandatory military service in Egypt !! They were found guilty and sentenced one year each then after doing their time , they will join the army again!!

    Is not that an insult to the army when two spoil sissies are respected like that ??
    Those rascals are unfortunately role model for youth now.
    It shocked when I found Tamer Hosni who was only released from Jail in the first day in Ramadan to join the Military service to sing !!
    Why we always want to disrespect our army and our men there ,I wonder why
    Look we all humans who make mistakes and we correct them , and I can't say that Hosni and Shaker are bad persons but what they did was an insult to Egypt and its army !!
    And they say that Talaat El-Sadaat insulted the army !!!


    1. is this really happened

      I didnt read about this in any newspapers
      Are u sure ?!

    2. Yes it really happened , the picture in the post is a screen capture from the celebration and the names of Tamer and Haytham were written in the Akhabr Newspaper


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