Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Aussies on the Suez Crisis 1956

Sir Robert Menzies ,the Australian prime minister was sent to negotiate with President Nasser after the Nationalization of Suez canal

ABC radio discussed that historical incident , exposing things I never knew before about the Australian role in the Crisis

One thing for sure Menzies was not like John Howard at all

The man turned to be a tool used to provoke Nasser and ironically he didn't know so , he had hopes that diplomacy would

Link to Background Briefing - 24 September 2006 - The Suez Crisis 1956

Read it till the end

also read carefully how Menzies chose his words with Nasser also how he called as the Egyptians "Gyppos" just like the "Japs"

Another very important remark , Egyptians were not hostile to any white skin as a lady referred to in the script , this is 100% lie , one thing about Egyptian they never even hurt any foreigner because of his skin ,I believe this is just a stupid racial lies about us

Strange in all those international plots no one gave a damn for what the Egyptians wanted !!


  1. I totally agree with you on what you mentioned about the qualties of Egyptians. Egypt invented human consience 7000 years ago.

    Tolerance and civil value has always been a major constituent of the Egyptian character. The Egyptian culture and civilisation reached its peak when it merged with the other arab cultures, babylnian , phoenecian..etc to form the highly ethical and tolerant arabic civilisation within the framework of the highly humanitarian islam.

    Am sure that there is no way ever whatsoever an egyptian would attack a civilian and take pride in it. Especially if someone is guest, even an unwelcom one. That is our Arabic ethics. I was once driving my car in cairo then a creckless driver bumped into my car from the rear, and istead of appologising he blamed me. So, eventually, i had no alternative but to fight with him. The Egyptian driver had a foreign friend with him who tried to interfer to help his egyptian friend . I turned to him and pushed ( i didnt think of him as a foreigner) then a taxi driver stopped and told what you are doing is 3ib he is your gues. i thanked him for his comment . and told th foreigner that i cant fight with him because he is my guesT, and the issue was over immedietly.

  2. yes Amr that's one of our qualities ,I remember in Bani Mazar murder coverage one man said in front of the camera ,that should n't even be happened even to Isralis
    the man was so old from the deep Egyptian south


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