Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just found it and want to comment on it

I just found this image on Al-Jazeera news site and I wanted to comment about it

OK here are some points in that image I thought they are interesting

  • Ismail Haniah's smile sorry grin , this is a grin smile_teeth
  • Ismail Haniah suddenly became so fat , or it is just the camera effect or it is just because Omar Soliman's straight fit body
  • The Palestinian flag on their suites, I understand why Haniah puts it , it is logic he is a Palestinian , but why does Omar Soliman put it ?? with my all respect but why I can't find a single Egyptian official puts the Egyptian flag ,you know like G.W.Bush, will the general take it off when he goes to the Israelis??
  • Is it me and my sight or is it Omar Soliman is getting shorter ?? I mean the man was tall in my eyes but now he is in the same level of Ismail Haniah who is not tall !!

Look I respect both men so much ,by the way I am fighting flu and so these silly ideas can be a result of a terrible headache ,for God sake I was only the Egyptian blogger I guess to celebrate the intelligence Jubilee

BY the way do you see the flag ,the white flag behind the two men ??

This is the Egyptian Intelligence flag "a Pharaoh eye like Horus eye , with big birdy I don't know if it is eagle or hawk ,No si ,it is a fierce bird for sure and that bird got a snake in his claws, of course the snake presents the enemy and the Horus eyes presents the watchful protective eye of those brave men in the intelligence, well don't be surprise I am kind of an expert in the meanings of the Egyptian flags " oh yes the shoot was taken in the Egyptian intelligence headquarter in Cairo as I think

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