Monday, December 11, 2006

A Dictator's death

Augusto Pinochet , Chile 's famous dictator died last night in the age of 91, he died from a heart attack after years escaping international courts and allegations of dictatorship and torture.

Chile now is divided between those who are happy and drink Champagne and those who are angry and those from the Reuters Courtsey angry opponents who wanted the General to be treated as war criminal whether in his life or death , why the respect to a person like that !!

Yesterday the demonstrations between the Pro-Pinochet supporters and his opponents turned to in violent clashes that made Santiago awake

Whether in the capital or in the other regions in Chile

The ex-general by the way came from an American backed up military coup to get rid from the communist socialist rule than as it is known and as you can find if you read the CNN or yahoo News reports above "I eager you to read to know

How the American Support can be."

To add one more thing you must know that Pinochet came and was supported by the C.I.A not to stop the communists stream in South America but also for Economic reason

The Communist President Allende nationalized the copper industry in Chile , the American owned copper mines  ,which was the main supplier to the American communication sector for companies like AT&T and Motorola  "I knew this from my professor in International business and you can find it in the Wikipedia article about Allende

And thus it turned out the communication and copper companies in the U.S supported the coup of Pinochet , when Money and interest meet with politics

Pinochet kind of democracy and rules shows us the double standards of the American administration ,all what they care is their economic and political interest

Do you know how he got rid from the Communists and socialists in Chile ?? By prisons, By torture ,he once gathered them in a stadium in Santiago and his forces opened its fires on them in the stadium , can you imagine it !!??

And all that time and suffering Pinochet was favored by the American administration because he was serving their needs and interests regardless of the means he was using

The business men in his country liked him because he freed the economy from the communism , I am sorry but hell to the capitalistic system if it was built upon the skulls and bones of the opponents , it will be a bloody system

Anyway I look to Pinochet and his country farewell to him and I look back to our past and present , we are so similar to the Latin South America ,so similar ,from history ,from people ,from richness in economic resources that make us the victims of others' greed !!

I don't know how Pinochet will have his funeral but I am sure it won't be great or big like the funeral of President Nasser if we take in our consideration that Nasser was loved from his people more than Pinochet despite all what he had done

The remaining thing to said is that Pinochet stayed only 17 years not 24 years ;)




  1. My girlfriend fiend is fom chile she happens to be a hardcore communist as well! she is throwing a big party this friday. Maybe that is the only thing i like about penochet.

  2. :) مصائب قوما عند قوما فوائدا

  3. Zenobia kawmen not kawman it is modaf elih 3ib . that's basic grammer. the arabic language is sacred and holy we never distort it

  4. na7no kawman 3rban


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