Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arab Summit Considers Military Plan

This is very interesting proposal Egypt tries to get back the leadership of the Arab Nation with.

In the last couple of months Egypt appeared to become for many as ex-leader while Saudi Arabia is the new Leader of the Arab Nation , thanks to the successful Saudi mediation between Palestinians , their work in Iraq and not to forget Lebanon.

It is a sad thing , a bitter fact that everyone of course except the official media is speaking about

Usually it was Egypt not Saudi Arabia not like Saudi Arabia then Egypt ,with my all respect and admiration to the Saudi role which seemed to be working for the Arab sake wisely but I don't like Egypt to be like that.

Anyhow I hope this plan would be a serious not just a replace for the 1950 common defense agreement in the benefit of Israel , also it is not to confront the Iranian so called danger , I believe this military plan should stand like some sort of a nucleus for an Arab common forces like the NATO , the important benefit of such force which is also mentioned I guess in the article below that it can be used in the Arab countries that face problems like in Sudan or Lebanon , instead of relying on Foreign and UN forces with all respects

I want to be optimists and Say that Egypt made this plan because of Darfur , not because the United States wants to create a first front line with the Iranians from the Arabs

Link to Arab Summit Considers Military Plan - New York Times

If this plan is approved ,then there will be a great hope , first it will provide certain amount of protection for countries like Syria , Lebanon and Sudan

Second let's see the future , if this kind of rulers from Kings and Presidents are hopeless and weak enough to use this plan , well may be in the future those rulers will be replaced with others who are bold enough to make use of it


  1. I'm not surprised that you like the role of of a country like Saudi Arabia!

  2. Why you are not surprised ?? and what is wrong with a country like Saudi Arabia ??

  3. If you dont think that there is something wrong with Saudi Arabia,
    then i will have to say that Egypt's destiny is black!!!!!!

  4. You know I am surprised that you speak that way about KSA while believing in the Arabic Nation , of course I don't agree and I know that KSA is not the perfect country ,but I like what they are doing in the foreign affairs especially in the Arab world


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