Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two states for one country

This year the Arab summit in Riyadh will be very special not because the revival attempt of the Arab Peace initiative which Israel refuses or the Egyptian common Arab defense new plan but because for the first time in history of the Arab summits two official delegations represent one country .

The one country is Lebanon , the two delegations are representing the government and the opposition

The first one representing the government will be headed by Fouad El-Saniora , the prime minister

The second one representing the opposition will be headed by Emile Lahoud , the president

really I am so anxious to see where and how they will sit , I mean in one place or two places with labels "Lebanon" and "Lebanon 2"

Already I don't which one of those delegation represents "Lebanon" or "Lebanon2" !!

It will be interesting thing to watch

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