Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arab Summit in Riyadh ; deja Vu

The Arab Summits now became like the elections in Egypt , an excepted result that is summarized in the famous quote "The Arabs agreed not to agree"

The usual scenario opening session with long powerful speeches from couple of president and kings especially "Bashar El-Assad" and silly useless one from "Gadfi" whom won't attend this year nor his country delegation thank God

then some closed session with fights , quarrels and disagreements

After that the ending session takes place with some disappointed expected results from agreements and decision to be declared by the secretary general Amr Moses with a sad face

Seriously people now , the majority of them don't care much any more about like any other political form in the Arab world , the Arabs were having summits even before the EU but where are they now from the EU ??

The same faces , the Same talk and strangely the same issues

I mean since the first summit and the Palestinian issue was in there ,since day one till now

added to it the "Aqsa Mosque" issue which always treated in the same way to issue an order to Israel to stop the digging as if Israel will scare from the Arabs and stop what ever it does there and condemnation.

This year they will discuss again "The Arabic Initiative for Peace" as it seemed interesting again for Israel and the United States as they think it can stop the Shiite Iranian threat , of course Israel will never approve of the initiative because it won't return back the Golan heights and East Jerusalem without one hell of a fight , it won't , but this is just a consumption of time , giving hope ,false one for the people around the world that the two cousins can reach to an agreement

The other old but not so old like the Palestinian issue which will be discussed are the following with out arrangement , arrange yourself

  • The Iranian threat and its nuclear activity , both Egypt and Saudi Arabia got the Answer ,have our own nuclear peaceful nuclear powers
  • The Iraqi issue , this is very complicated and sick issue , a civil religious and ethnic war is there and I am afraid the Arabic identity of Iraq is dissolving , Iraqi issue I am afraid is like the Palestinian issue.
  • The Lebanese issue , till now the opposition is holding on what they want and the government is holding on what they want ,and here I will make a separate post insh Allah concerning it
  • The Syrian issue , it is related to both the Lebanese,Iranian ,Iraqi and Palestinian issue , you know with all respect I think it was mistake when Jordan replace Syria in the top trio Arab countries , no offense in fact I believe they must be Egypt,Saudi Arabic, Syria and Jordan
  • The Sudanese issue, Darfur and both Egypt and Sudan don't want an international force
  • The Somali issue, I mean there is a fight going on there and we don't understand anything ,I mean another country invaded it

Anyhow as you see this is like a deja Vu , an over repeated show , the same issues and the same weak solutions which are not already solutions because if they are then we won't have the same issues and files every year and every summit !!!


  1. haha.. I liked the famous quote: "The Arabs agreed not to agree."
    Thanks for making me laugh today :)

  2. you welcome silly Bahraini girl ,I am glad that I made you laugh
    but you know it is like the famous verses in El-Motanbi 's famous poem about Egypt
    "A laugh that it is near to cry"


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