Sunday, March 25, 2007

Constitution amendments : Articles 82,84 and 85

You know I feel so angry that I didn't pay to the amendments proposed for Articles 82,84 and 85 in the Egyptian Constitution ,to be correct I didn't see the implications of these articles until my aunt explained to me the horrible scenario that can take place if we don't pay attention to it and say big NO TOMORROW

Already that scenario was published today in "El-Fagr" newspaper in a big headline

the scariest scenario ever

Unexpected one , we are all focusing on articles like 179 and 88 ,yet ignoring these articles

These articles are dealing with the President's absence and the who would take his responsibilities in this absence

The articles no.82,84 and 85 say that in the vice president would replace the president temporarily in the case of the president's absence in some surprising event like a sudden illness , where as the head of the parliament would replace the president in the case of the president's death

This is original text ,as you see it is perfect

But as you know we don't have yet vice president because our President Mubarak believes in Democracy and freedom of People choice and thus we don't need some appointed vice president and don't even ask how this to be related to freedom of choice and democracy because till now since this statement I am searching for an explanation I can not reach to

The amendment Mubarak wants is the following


This amendment is made because some times we can't have the old rule "practically for one reason or more ",in other words the absence of vice president like now for the last 24 years

It is not the problem that the prime minister would replace the president

But the problem is in that fearful future scenario,read it carefully and try to imagine it

After the Amendments there is a rumor that we will have a new cabinet with a new prime minister , Ahmed Nazif is not a wanted man anymore as the American administration considers him as a possible candidate for the Egyptian Presidency while Gamal Mubarak considers him a rival that should be out of the game

So till now all the expectations are predicting that the prime minister would one of Gamal's men whether in the current cabinet or the Policies committee in the NDP

But after this amendment in those articles Gamal Mubarak  himself can be the next prime minister of Egypt after that heavens forbid Mubarak,the father can be sick and thus he can be the president smoothly without any presidential election , without objection oft the west , he did it according to the constitution there is no breaking law here ,on the contrary.

Coming through this indirect way will be much easier and securer to Gamal as he knew that the people hate him and won't accept him to see running for presidency directly , so the best way is just to jump on the chair and make them deal with it

What do you think people ??

It is a smart game and all that time we were screaming in other directions which can be less dangerous

We must all say big NO tomorrow insh Allah

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