Monday, March 26, 2007

Voting girl "Vol.3"

After the great success of Voting Girl and Voting girl "Vol.2" I present to you this year Voting girl "Vol.3"

I got an voting id card ,YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY , at last , you know I felt so happy when I received last week and my happiness was doubled when I knew that I was going to use it today

Anyhow I believed that I must participate not like what the opposition called for from boycotting the referendum , at least I would say what I think in front of myself and in front of God , I don't care if they will change it or not because at least I did what I have to do.

To tell you the truth I was scared because of what happened yesterday ,it was fearful ,the assualts and attacks of the Egyptian Police forces on the protests in Tahrir square and arresting the protesters in a disgusting horrible way was terrible and this made me not to take my camera with me to take some shots for the committees and voters, you know like the other citizen jounralists across the world , I also didn't take my mobile phone because of its camera , really I didn't want anyone to suspect me as I know there can be a lot of tension.

the morning came and I was susposed to be ready for voting , one thing you must know about me that without make up I look like a 16 years old girl and people usually think that I am a young girl like in the police station when I went to get my voting id card , so to stop any silly comment I used some make up and my beautiful big black 1960s sun glasses and my plan seemed so successful as the Police officers and soldiers seemed so helpful , they tried to help me to find my name and what I should do , of course I didn't take off my sun glasses except inside otherwise they would have discovered me ,oh I also forgot to say that I wore my Egyptian silver and Fairoz earings , I think I looked pretty enough

Anyhow I found out my committee where I live is my old language high school ,It was good to return back and I already knew my way there ,it brought good memories.Outside the school the NDP made some sort of a booth with several people setting and encouraging others to vote and say yes but no one is giving damn to them

 The wise people in the elections committee were very smart when they put the women's committees in the third floor , a 23 years old girl like felt exhausted when I reached it , already I always hated that staircase when I was in the school and that's why I didn't use it much, I reached there and I found my name , a side remark I saw three young people like me coming down the stairs , the rest were some old ladies from the low working classes who seemed to be given some money to vote and say yes to the amendments .

I found where I should vote ,I went to the man who was so helpful with me ,he explained to me what I should do and without seeing my Personal ID to check from the picture to know whether that I was the girl in the picture or not , he gave me paper only by checking my voting id.

I went to remark what choice in the paper which looked like this leaked document which found its way in Nile Delta yesterday , of course this is a photo copy , the original one is a black/green paper, with explanation in the four pages of the constitution amendments , of course I didn't read them ,I already know them and I determined what should I remark

two things I must mention here there was no voting booth with a curtain ,it was some desk ,I tried to keep some privacy of course you don't need to guess what I chose ,since day one I don't approve the amendments

and now the big moment to put the paper in the box ,the GLASS TRANSPARENT BOX


But i didn't ,I put the paper and I don't know if it will make any difference ,yet I felt so comfortable I did what I think it is my role and I don't regert and I am not afraid because I did it according to the law ,so why should I be afraid !!??

After I had finished I had to put my small finger in the red ink , very disgusting and foolishly I didn't take care and I put half of my finger , pardon me it is my first voting experience I tried to clean it but it turned that I will stay with half red pinky finger a whole 24 hours

an important remark it was 1 PM and the attandance was n't as expected by the NDP but as expected by the rest of the Political powers in Egypt very few , at least the attandance in my committee from ladies in what i saw in box and in the attandance paper I think those who came were less than hundred ,I don't know about the rest but this what I saw and think.

When I was on my home ,I saw a micro-bus from the NDP coming ,I don't have to guess much that they were bringing their supporters to vote .

This is my Voting girl "Vol.3" this year

And this is my red finger :)

Voting Girl "Vol.3"


  1. Congratulations. Begad I was so happy to know that finally a girl cared to have her pink card and go to the polls. I was tab3an happier that you said NO. But don't be disappointed at the result. It is enough that you had your say.

  2. Thanks Om Luji , I am disappointed in fact I know the results in advance but as you said it is enough that I had my say ;)


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