Monday, April 23, 2007

The Royal Marriage coverage

I think I didn't post the merry news concerning the Royal sorry the republic marriage of Gamal Mubarak and Khadija El-Gamal. Well the merry news was that the marriage will be held in Sharm El-Shekih presidential palace or suite or what ever the president receives his guests , Stays in and operates the nation from on the 4th of May 2007

That will be in the same day of President's Mubarak 80th and something Birthday !!

I don't know which one they will celebrate first the wedding or the birthday !! Or may be they will held them together.

Ironically I read that some naughty young Kafya members will held a protest on that day too across the country ,strangely it will be before the famous "Cinco de Mayo", it will be a busy day for sure.

Anyhow since the announcement in the official Al-Ahram daily and the Opposition and independent newspapers already started to get ready to cover or even criticize the happy wedding and the couple in a way that no one can deny.

Speculations ,Predictions and rumors about the huge arrangements of the wedding not about it but about the expenses,the huge expenses of the future wedding , come on people it is not a secret , the groom is one of the expected candidates to rule Egypt and the bride is the daughter of one Egypt's richest business man

Already we in Egypt began to know that it will the wedding of the year after the rare appearance of the first lady with her future daughter in law attending the Elie Saab fashion show , you don't need much time to think to know that the bride will wear an original Elie Saab wedding dress.

To tell you the truth I began to feel in the streets and in the media of course not the official a rising hate towards the young bride , really it is growing daily and no one can deny it , it is not because she is a daughter of some business man in time business men have the worst reputation in Egypt but because she is engaged to GM .

The young age of the bride with her artificial look and her stupid unreasonable appearances in political convention with rumors about her role in spreading the NDP thinking in the high class gatherings are helping a lot.

Many Egyptians think that she is the coming first lady or the next Queen of Egypt and that's why they hate her even from now , because they hate her groom GM , it reminds me with the opposite reaction of the Egyptian people from more than 60 years when King Farouk proposed and married Queen Farida , Miss Safinaz Zoulfakr aka Farida was received by the Egyptians with huge love and admiration that still now exists even after all these decades and after the revolution , yes they loved her for her personality and manners but at first they didn't know her and they loved and admired her for the love and admiration of young king then Farouk , I swear Farouk was much more respected and loved than GM by the Egyptian people.

Non-Egyptians may see in the coverage of the media and the reaction of the people are unfair because simply it is considered a personal life matter ,I agree on that, it is not from our business to interfere in their wedding but is not fair that the son of the president of Egypt to have a lavish expensive wedding where as people are suffering in his country !!

I mean do you know how many Egyptians living right now under the poverty line ?? It is so provoking to read about a wedding that will cost million pound where as many Egyptians are living with one pound a day

It is so provoking that to know about the palace or lavish apartment they are going to live in and how it will cost where as many Egyptians are living in streets in tin houses like "Kabash Castle" !!

Already believe or not ,I feel sad for this young girl who is only older than me by two years not for marrying some one old pretending to be young but becoming one of the most hated personalities in Egypt because she is going to marry the heir !! I don't know if she is marrying him by her own free will , I mean she doesn't have much choice to refuse the son of the president in a country like Egypt !!??

Anyhow I will say it again after saying it before here ,I have the feeling that GM won't be the president , it is more than a hope ,it is a feeling.

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  1. on Point!!! Bravoo!!! you're absolutely right! He never became a President! and to wife, she's still the Forbidden Queen! 😂


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