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Some people didn't like what Heikel told Fisk


It is my fault or my family's fault that we don't buy the"El-Osob"" independent weekly newspaper but we don't like Mustafa Bakery as we consider him more to be in regime side than people's side and it is enough that he considered "Saddam Hussein" as a hero !!

It is a fault because it seems that I missed the last week column of Mustafa Bakery on the 20th of April 2007 where Bakery revealed on the behalf of the famous Heikel that the interview with Fisk wasn't an official interview, it was a chit chat!! And Heikel doesn't mean any offense to the president that he sent Bakery with an apology to the presidency!!

Wow this is a lot and we need it to read it again over and over

First of all I must comment on the excellent relations between Bakery and the presidency that made a man in the weight of Heikel who hosts a former president like "Khatami" in his ranch for the weekend use him as an envoy to send his apology!!

Second it seems to me that Robert Fisk will be the bad villain in the end, the wicked British who deceived the old man by changing the simple chitchat in to an interview that would be published in one of the world famous newspapers!! I don't think that Robert Fisk with his history which is much longer than Bakery and much respectable too will deceive Heikel and Heikel does know very well that his words will be published as it is without a change

Third I don't see any offense to President Mubarak in the interview

Fourth Fisk didn't say that it was an interview, it was more Fisk describing his meeting and talk with Heikel, it is very common in the press abroad, this unofficial style, without a "Q&A", already Fisk is using it a lot

Fifth this is not the first time that Heikel criticizes Mubarak publicly, come on I remember his lecture in the AUC from couple of years, it is much bolder and it is even more public and was shown in TV twice on Dream TV, of course after that he was banned from the Egyptian channels, but he still got his show and special on air appearances on Al-Jazeera, where he says what really can make the presidency angry!!

The most important question we ask ourselves is what gain Fisk would have from publishing what can be considered insulting to President Mubarak; already the man published nothing compared to what is published in other media and newspapers.

Another important remark but not a question ,whether it was a chitchat or an interview Heikel said what he really believes and thinks and that’s what made the presidency really angry.

N.B I don’t believe the apology thing because Heikel doesn’t need an envoy


  1. Heikal is just like bakry it is enough that he has hosted a terririst low life dog like Khatemy whose hands are dipped in the blood of inocent Iraqis in his ransh.

    I think that anyone who sympathises with the terrorist cock roash Najad or dirty Iranians must be a terrorist as well.

  2. Well …, let's have a look from another prospective: when you read what Bakry said + then remember the military trials thing + then that new law about judges + and bloggers detained for no reason = There is a high Tide wave coming, this wave will destroy anything in its way, it is really serious, it will not retreat or make any consideration for any one, the changes made by the government will occur and will be so fast (it looks like a matter of months).
    By the way Amre Alabiad; Khatmi is not a terrorist nor is Najad, please mention some actions they made that is an act of hostility against any country, or mention did they torture innocent civilians as what happened in Abu Gharaib prison

  3. o2a i will mention the terrorist crimes of those dirt:

    One of the main reasons behind the sectarian strife in Iraq, is the one million Iraqis pushed back into Iraq by Iran after the invasion after having been expelled in seventies and eighties for collaborating with the enemy and having Persian lineage. Hakim and sons…….ltd and their traitor badr elements are the facade of new Persian Iraqis ruling the south.

    You would be surprised to know that In Basra all Iraqi official document and application forms are in Persian and in most local govt employees are Iranians That in turn has infuriated the patriots, the rest of the Shiite population was helpless

    It was the Iranian “sistany” who speaks Arabic with Persian accent and boasts of his Persian lineage that issued a “fatwa” not to resist the occupation.
    I have nothing against Shiites. Iraq was a secular country with no difference between Shiite and Sunnis. Shiites could reach highest posts in Iraq so long as they take up a secular stance and condemn the enemies of their countries Khomeini and Iranians

    Shiite Sunni thing is primarily an Iranian invention to dig a wedge in Iraqi society during their war of aggression against Iraq. Sectarianism was instrumental for Americans in deconstructing Iraqi institutions. Iranian American collaboration in 2002and 2003 is well documented and well known. However, Iranians resisted American plans to secularize Iraq.
    At the present Iran is using its influence in Iraq to increase the destabilsation of Iraq, in order to deter Americans from attacking Iran.

  4. قال محمد ابطحى نائب الرئيس الايرانى( السابق محمد خاتمى) للشئون القانونية والبرلمانية فى ختام اعمال مؤتمر عقد بامارة ابوظبى منتصف يناير ان بلاده قدمت الكثير من العون للامريكيين فى حربيهم ضد افغانستان والعراق

    وفى محاضرة القاها فى ختام اعمال مؤتمر ( الخليج وتحديات المستقبل ) الذى ينظمه مركز الامارات للدراسات والبحوث الاستراتيجية سنوياً اشار ابطحى الى انه
    (لولا التعاون الايرانى لما سقطت كابول وبغداد بهذه السهولة لكننا بعد افغانستان حصلنا على مكافأة واصبحنا محور الشر وبعد العراق نتعرض لهجمة اعلامية امريكية شرسة ) ………انظروا الى عاقبة الخيانة .
    ولم يوضح المسئول الايرانى طبيعة التعاون الايرانى مع واشنطن فيما يتعلق بأفغانستان والعراق

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  8. The only way to save Iraq is to cut the hands of Iran off Iraq.

    Irani-backed death squads, Shiite parties that are spiritually and financially tied to Iran (an enemy of Iraq that fought for 8years), Iran's assassinations of pilots and professors, are all infuriating Iraqi patriots and seculars including a good few Shiites and widening the recruiting pool of for the el-quaeda terrorists.

    The criminal, hypocritical Iranians who are putting up an anti-imperial facade, never hesitated to to participate in the rape of Iraq , so long as their interests were aligned with neo-cons. Now the hypocritical Irani criminals are crying wolf




  9. the majority of iranians are pro israel and have nothing against it.

    HIstorically iran and Israel have always been allies.

    The satanic demogogic mullahs regime is playing antizionist to distract attention of the cattle Arab people from the genocide they aree commiting in iraq.

    Also they need to consolidate their position internally, for pro-west pro-Israel iranians are steadily growing weary from that satanic regime. Therefore, they need a stupid project and external enemy to stay in power

  10. @ o2a please check the following blog by a very intelligent Iraqi iraqi "Arab woman blues".

    it will help you learn more about Iran and Iraq

  11. @o2a ,I got what you are saying very well , in fact I believe the change will be very soon , you know already Haikal in his interview or chitchat or what ever he did with Fisk ,hinted for this, by the way don't argue too much with Amr about Iran , he is sensitive about it

    @amre ,I am surprised that you are as a nationalist with big admiration to Nasser and hate Haikal !!

  12. Well Amere
    If you insist , then we will have to call every other country terrorist, as every other country did help in both invasions(either actively as Egypt ,Qatar, Pakistan ,Bahrain…..etc),or passively by keeping silent (Libya ,Algeria….etc),as regarding anti human stuff ,trust me every country has skeletons that rattles, but these stuff of Iran are evident because it is in best interest of America to show them. As helping Israel;…. well along the presence of Israel almost every Arab regime dealt with Israel to a certain degree for the sake of their interest. Still I think that Iran is not as bad as it seems and that the media is over exaggerating for the interests of America.

  13. are the iraqis also overexaggerating?.........

    The Arab govenments might seeem to be implementin foreign policies tha are seemingly more alligned with western intersts than conformed to their public opinion.

    However those policies have to covered by the guided Arab media which is one of the main reasons cattle Arab people are so uncontious.

    On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of Iranians hate the foreign policies of Iranian regieme. And generally speaking Iranians have nothing against Israel ,on the contrary, their grudge for Arabs is much more obvious- which in turn makes iranian policies unsustainable.


  14. Heikal talked about Fisk's article among other things in a 2-episode interview on Al-Jazeera last week. Yes, he said it was a friendly chat with Fisk, not an interview, and yes, he expressed his respect to the Presidency as an institution and, accordingly, to Mubarak.

    However, and more importantly, he emphasized the fact that Mubarak entered the game of politics too late (in his fifties) which negatively affected his political experience. He also mentioned that in the Egyptian political system the president is the only one in charge of all the political decisions.


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