Thursday, April 26, 2007

Will Farrell's landlord

I have a confession that I don't find Will Farrell that funny , really I mean he is great on Saturday Night live but to have a full films like Blades of Glory well this is too much , I mean his movies really are silly but the sketches he does are hilarious.

Anyhow enough talking I will leave with Will Farrell's landlord , he didn't pay his rent and she is so angry , I forgot to tell you that this lady is so nasty and so rude in a way that I can't describe it in word , you have to see it by yourself to judge

Seriously I am not with the people who are in America angry from this landlord lady and how Will Farrell let her speak the way she did because in the end it is comedy and it is not for children anyhow ;-)

By the way Miss Pearl Deserves an Oscar for her outstanding performance , I swear this lady has an appeal to the camera more than Nabila Abid and Nadia El-Genndy tags: , , , ,
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  1. who is your favorite Egyptian actoress? i want you to name a contemporary one as well as an oldie.............

  2. Zeinobia you havent answered my question yet?

  3. sorry I forgot
    well I like Fatan Hamama,Magda,Shadia,Mona Zaki ,Hannan Turk ,Mervat Amin and of course Soad Husni


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