Wednesday, April 25, 2007

25 years on the Sinai liberation

Today Egypt celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Sinai liberation , today We returned back our land with peace after war.

I won't speak in history this time but I will ask one thing did we really get it back ??

Did we really return back Sinai to our Egyptian sovereignty ??

Don't be surprised if I answered no ,we didn't return it back completely

We will return it back completely when we are able to send our army troops to protect it, when we are to able to have army bases there

We will return it back completely when we star seeing it more than a resort

We will return it back completely when we begin to treat its people as Egyptians not Bedouins

We will return it back completely when we start to change its demographics , fall its vast empty spaces not only with hotels and resorts but with people ,cities and farms

The Israelis who know very well how to invest did n't turn it in to big resorts but spread in its kibitzes as much as they can , made farms in it ,we should do the same if we want to prove that it belongs to us

President Sadaat wanted to do this

already one of the reasons why Israel always succeeds in a very short time to invade this big vast space which is equal to "1/3" of Egypt total space twice is that it is walking in a very empty space with no resistance.

We will return it back completely when we start to plant tomatoes instead of weeds

There are very important issue we,the Egyptians must speak about and take care from , these hotels and resorts and who own them , I am not against the foreigners to own resorts in Sinai , but when a group of Qatari investors try to buy pieces for land there for the account of some Israeli business men then we must ask and investigate !!

We will return it back completely when we begin to pay the suitable tribute to the great men who were there in order to restore it

"There is single inch in Sinai that didn't drink from the blood of an Egyptian soldiers"

We must the suitable respect even after all these years whether from 56 or 67 or 73

A Simple rose can do it

A Simple moment of silence will do it

A Simple prayer when you enter Sinai will do it

A Simple palm tree will do it

A Simple memorial will do it

At then we can consider that we have returned Sinai back for real


  1. i wrote about this topic but in more details in my blog this morning ..
    it is something that should had more bloggers to write about in order to open the eyes of the others to this truth ..
    if you're interested you can find my blog here

  2. Thanks Ya MOhamed for link , it is very informative "Non Arabic speakers ,it is about the accords items regarding Sinai"
    about the bloggers , well the bloggers in the end are from the Egyptian people and till now unfortuantely the Egyptian people are not aware for Sinai's importance more than it is a part of Egypt with shores

  3. Egyptians are not aware of the importance of Egypt heeeeeeeee


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