Saturday, May 26, 2007


The famous Egyptian singer Shabaan Abd El-Rahim, the man who sang the smash hit “I hate Israel” which was the cause of the dismissal of Amr Moses from his position as a foreign minister is a very simple ignorant person. He is not shy of his poor knowledge nor the fact that he can’t read or write, on the contrary after all he made a fortune men with PHDs don’t have. Despite his ignorance he likes to sing songs about the current issues thanks to his lyricist Islam Khalil. From time to time TV and newspapers like to interview “Shabola”-nickname- and ask him about the current political and economic issues not to know his opinion but to make laugh from him and his ignorance, give the viewers and readers something to laugh and talk about

“Did you see or read what Shabola had said?? “

Shabaan in several interviews was asked over and over if he were sad because he wasn’t invited to sing in Gamal Mubarak’s wedding of course to mock the prince of Egypt by the answer of Shabola that he is sad but at the same time happy for the young groom as he loves him and his father.I noticed this in several newspapers of course all from the opposition in the weeks that preceded and followed the Mubarak’s junior wedding in a very silly way. For me I don’t suspect that Shabola loves President Mubarak and his son in the same way he goes and sings for the infamous princess Hind El-Fasi because her husband is a Saudi royalty from Saudi Arabia , the holy land !!

To be honest it is only regarded as some kind of a funny show to many people in Egypt specially the educated middle and high class.

In another interview Shabola was asked about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and that’s his answer

I fear no one but they are holy people, if I sing or attack them, they may curse or something that can bring me down

I will not stop at this answer now because it is very important, I will come to it soon

No one thought for a single time to stop and read the answers of “Shabola” carefully, very carefully because if you read his answers you will realize that “Shabola” is not speaking about himself only but is speaking on behalf of a class segment from the society can’t be described as small at all, can’t be described as marginal like some writers always describe

Shabola” is from the low working class that has none or little education and education here is associated with reading and writing not with knowledge and culture, they are not interested enough to buy newspapers or books because each penny they save or have can be used for something better to buy food or cloth, they watch only TV and listen to the radio to enjoy some moments, to forget the hard life they are living.

This segment or social class regards religion as the most important thing in life, you shouldn’t cross that line despite may do all sorts of sins still religion is an important factor, already their code of ethics may differ than us totally, it is not wrong that you are taking drugs, it is nothing especially the hash and its kinds, it is not wrong to drink Beer, hot beer in their wedding is usual thing , yes they may live in double standards we don’t understand as educated class , for example infamous “Saad El-Soghair” was attacked by the religious men in Egypt because he had built a small mosque in the village he lives in , it wasn’t acceptable for many people that the man who sings explicit sexual lyrics to build a house of God ,they didn’t understand that despite all what “Saad” sings and dances he is Muslim in his own way , in his own understand that when he had had the chance to travel to the United States to perform some concerts for the Arabic communities there ,he returned immediately to the holy land to thank God

Now go back to “Shabola’s” answer regarding the MB and you can understand what the religion presents to this class to those people despite, this is very serious because here “Shabaan” refuses to judge the MB because he considers them holy men for their association with Islam, for their looks with their breads and their slogans, I am not from the anti-MB but anyone can deceive them in this way by the name of religion , already many crooks took several millions of pounds and fled away by pretending to be holy religious men , again I don’t attack the Muslim Brotherhood nor I am with them Simply because I judge the MB not from the same perspective like “Shabola” , because I know that “Shabola” doesn’t know the meaning of “political program”

I am not here to analysis this important class in Egypt but I want to say that in the history of the world this class is the mover of the revolution from the French revolution to the Russian revolution and it is interesting and strange in a country like Egypt with the terrible economic conditions that class is living in very hard conditions“I won’t speak about the social or the political because the economic conditions are usually the motive to make them rebel”, they don’t do anything

Some may say it may go to the Egyptian peaceful personality but I will say that ignorance and fear not the Egyptian Peaceful personality now in these days are playing very important roles. The fear factor is presented in the police and the interior ministry not the army but the police, the closet formal existence they interact with and let’s say this interaction usually creates in them a mix of hate and fear from the regime, the infamous police torture clips are the best proof “The best documentary about this specific relation between the police and this class is {Beyond the sun} produced by Al-Jazeera , already I have it and I will talk about it , must talk about insh Allah very soon”

The ignorance factor plays here a dangerous role because ignorance makes them unaware of the rights they have, the rights are being stolen from them night and day for a very long time, and they are unaware that they are being used by the regime, they are unaware that they can really change their lives by their own hands instead of waiting another Gamal Abd El-Nasr or even worst the regime to improve their lives.

This class is not stupid , in fact it can’t be described by stupidity at all , its people are very intelligent , so intelligent but no one is using this real intelligence , it is like a fertile land but with no seeds or irrigation what so ever .

No one cares about this class despite all are speaking on behalf of them, defending their cause whether from the regime to the opposition; whether from the left or the right but no one really understands them or wants to understand them because they are too high and sophisticated to do so .

This class is the same class that had produced the terrorist groups, this class is the same class that produced the thugs who are used in the elections, and this class is the same class whose children are dying from cancer , this class is the same class whose sons are trying to with all possible ways legal or illegal to earn some money , this class is the same class that is increasing more and more according to the economic definition , this class is the same class that is the base of Egypt ,the real Base you can not ignore for long time because you won’t have a strong building which can be there for long time except when you have a strong base, very strong one ,


  1. I guess revolutions come after massive literacy. I read the literacy rate is of 46,9% in Egypt which is very low - I don't know if this is true though -, so there's still some work to do in that field. Also I don't know what the cultural policy is in Egypt but I showed my egyptian friend around public libraries here in Paris and he was really stunned how easy it is to have access to books for free, even to egyptian books (he's doing some catching up and so are his friends now). Even in villages, you can find a library or the library bus.
    My point is, or my real question is, can you really rebel if you have little knowledge ? I mean, with little knowledge can you realise that things are very unfair, can be different etc ?

  2. No Seg without a little knowledge you won't realise that things are unfair and they can be fair and better and that's why the regime works on making people more and more ignorant ,it is not about read or writing but about making the people with empty heads or making them busy in something else
    They don't any creativity or any kind of thinking what so ever , before the revolution 1919 , we had this British education system ,the Danlop's system to graduate only employees who can read and write that's but no creativity no thinking
    Books and reading are used by the first lady in her project "Reading for all" it is a great one but the problem most villages in Egypt need food first before buying books ,they are not free in Egypt

  3. ana mabsoot beeky gedan gedan...

    ta7leelatek kwayesa 2awy. inty senik eh?
    eh ely 7'alaky tehtami bee 2rayet el a7'baar bel tadkeek dah?

    Mish ba3akes wallahi...ana bas wondering!

  4. oh Fadfation I am so flitered ,what can I say ,I am 23 , I just write what I think and feel that's it


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