Egyptian Chronicles: Hooters in Dubai

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hooters in Dubai

 oh BOY OH BOY OH BOY  Hooters restaurants are going to open a branch in Dubai thanks to a Kuwaiti investor ,the Arab world is going to be served with hot mamas with big boobs !!??

Do I need to start my day with this sort of silly news ?? I mean before this great achievement I read that the American forces in Iraq found an Orphanage with children starving ,it may not be related but .. what can I say ??

I won't speak about it from a religious point of view because it is already known ,in fact I think no religion would accept this but I will speak about it from a feminist point of view

Is not this a humiliation to women ??

Another question why this man is so eager to open this chain here ?? Ironically he wanted to open it in Beirut but thank goodness the Lebanese capital is having enough troubles and thus it was saved

What I am afraid of is that this chain restaurant in Dubai can be a cover up for prostitution , do not forget Dubai is considered a hot spot , a dangerous one according to the UN reports and the American State department reports

Already I think after the Dubai authorities may cancel the man's licence to avoid any public fury from its native citizens , the minority of course

Oh boy couldn't this man find other restaurant chain other than this ??

Those Kuwaitis !!

Filbalad: Kuwaiti opens a restaurant with waitress' wearing nothing

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  1. Come on, Dubai model is based on ignoring ethics and traditions in favor of profit and money making. We all know that prostitution is everywhere in Dubai, so for sure opening such restaurant is expected :(

  2. but what happens in Dubai usually is not as public as this
    The police there doesn't say we got prostitution but this is too public , too public for the authorities who claim to be protecting the Arabic Islamic traditions
    there are satanic and gay bars there but they don't announce themselves there


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