Thursday, July 19, 2007

A big twist in the case of the youngest mother in Egypt

Ok now this is a huge big twist that will me make re-read all what is related about the case again

I will not speak more except that the primary DNA test came and concluded that Baby "Mena Allah" is not the daughter of the rapist

Big surprise ,as you know any child has the genes of his /her mother and father and according to the forensics the rapist is not the father

Rapist Mohamed Samy Atia "21" years old was identified by "Hend to be the man who raped her from nine months ago and make her pregnant

Of course this can blow the case upside specially the D.A decided to send the accused to the criminal court

The case is already began to make a huge buzz as the human rights organizations began to consider it as their new crusade  , it is no longer "Al-Wafad" daily exclusive

I don't know but I feel we are watching a big Indian movie

From "Al-Wafad" Daily


  1. dear Zeinobia.

    please delete the comments in which my name was mentioned. I promise I wont comment here again that is my word of honiur. But it is utterly disturbing to have my name mentioned by someone who is inferior to me.

    Again I assure that there is nothing I can do about it. But to demand my right that is based on your adherence to writers sense of ethics and adherenc to a moral code.

    Please Zeinobia delete those comnets.

    If you are not going to do it- then please expalin.

    you have already said that it is ok, but i havent seen any reult

  2. Oh Amr , I did not delete because I wanted you to feel how it hurts when you attack someone just because his race or belief
    this is why I did not delete it because many times I deleted comments for you attacking people you never see and will see in your life personally calling them names , insulting their mothers only because disagree in you in your opinion or from a race you consider inferior ,already I do not know who told you that you are greater than anyone
    Strangely you disrespect African despite Nasser believed in the African race
    Strangely you disrespect Iranians despite Nasser funded Iranian nationalists against the Shah "and do not start with me the talk about the evil plans of Iran"
    you disrespect other Arabs like Saudis and Jordanians despite you believe in the Arabic Nationalism
    I am sorry to tell you that anyone comes and says something in my blog you do not like or from a race that does not reach to your superior race you begin to attack him in the most disgusting way despite you do not have the right to do so because this is my blog , my blog again
    my moral code is based mostly on my religion and my religion orders not to differentiate people based upon race or color or religion , also it orders to say good or shut up not curse
    this is why I kept the comments to make you feel how to be attacked

    I don't know you personally and let me tell you something you will not prove that you are the right in this way

  3. Actually, Zeinobia, that was a thought experiment. I expected that it would turn out that way. ALTHOUGH i SINCERELY HOPED FOR ADIFERENT RESULT.

    Kind regards and appologies for those who are hurt by my experimental disposition.

    Sometimes one has to operate, in order to heal. ( Joke)


  4. oh my God Zeinobia.. again you argue? again you maintain the fire? Again you try to convince a lunatic. Dont you learn? Arent we done with this. He is doing the same thing in my blog. I just delete him like any spam or pop up. just ignore ignore ignore as if you dont receive it. dont lose your time

  5. wow. that is really a strange news. I can not tell you how DNA testing is accurate. I have been working in a DNA research center before I got my medical license and I know it. DRA testing is not something you order to repeat. it is final. This means that either Hend is lying A-Z about the rape thing (of course in her social class she was not aware of something accurate called DNA that will disclose her lie) or they were really multiple rapists and a different man is the father. We will see more and more in this case

  6. yes very strange
    by the way the initial investigations of the police on which they released the accused said that there were multiple rapists ,the thing which Hend strangely denied ,again the new investigation confirmed Hend's version
    It is not only strange here but I will wait till the end , everyday we find something interesting

  7. Hend is a young girl and could have mis-identified the rapist. I suspect he's still at large and being the skeptic I am, think maybe DNA should be taken of males close to her, who know her. When young kids are abused they are often threatened with death if they tell. Perhaps she's protecting someone.

  8. The problem now everyone is focusing on this alternative and forgeting the abuse from the relatives happen more frequently
    Hend yesterday was hosted on National TV , also the family of the accused it turned out that she said in the intial report that another three raped her but then she changed her statements
    it turned there are so many contradictions in her statement
    I think it is one from her family or her relatives ,I don't know
    she also seems so cunning to her age
    as fas as I know the abuse victims suffer for years ,she seems at ease so much

  9. I dont think that because Hend is young she might misidentify the rapist. During those horrible moments the pray keep gazing at the predetor trying to get any info from his face expressions. His determination, his degree of anger, his response to her resistance and her begging.It is a natural defence mechanism, you can even see it in wild aminal hunting. still the animal pray does the same. Rape is a crie of voilence not a sex crime. Because in most of the rape cases the predetor in known to the pray you can notice in real and in simulating movies that the predetor uses a face mask to prevent his identification and to hide his expressions.
    Another point, if she is protecting someone else she would,nt report and insist on a specific person. Usually if this is the case the victim reports that the rapist is unknown to her and she cant remember his face because ( whatever reason she can make up) so that the discovery becomes impossible.
    I guess the next logic step is to DNA test the three other men who were standing there at the building and kowing what was going on there

  10. oww zeinobia- you made a mistake in your reply to me. I respect Saudis- as For Jodanians, well, I dont like generlising, it all depends on the individual

  11. @DR SR: If you use some of those advises that you give Zeinobia you may be able to make your own blog slightly better. But I still don't expect that it will be interesting because of your sexual focus.


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