Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can we repeat the Turkish Scenario in Egypt??

Of course you saw just like what happened in Turkey from two weeks ago , when the Justice and Development party won for the second time the elections and Regab "Recep" Tayyip Erdogan became a prime minister for the second time to the Secular country. It was so impressive whether from the democratic process or the respect of the law but most important is the Islamic party won for the second time in the hardcore secular country to prove to the west that there is no fear if Islamic parties came to rule

AKP seemed to learn from the mistake of its parent party Welfare party and seemed to understand that they are facing many challenges ,in fact they came in a very critical time in the history of Turkey with the invasion of Iraq and the growth of the Kurdish threat from one side and the negotiations to join the EU from another side

On both levels that are very important to the Turkish citizen , the AKP succeeded and kept Turkey as a main power in the region , powerful player and here we are talking about the international level ,on the national level the AKP proved that there is no danger on the secularism of Turkey and the evidence is that they won again.

AKP proved that Islam does not contradict with secularism in my point of view which is based upon democracy and respect the other but not the one that is based upon dictatorship , of course I can't consider Turkey a full democratic country because we are still having the army that decides who will be the president , and this is from the reasons why the EU does not welcome Turkey beside beginning a Muslim country "the real reasons"

The AKP for sure is a bright successful example among the Islamists governments in the region

anyhow I can not stop myself from comparing between us and Turkey , of course there are differences between both countries in the ruling systems but I can't stop myself from wondering "Can we have a similar party in Egypt like the AKP??"

First of all we don't have half the democratic life they got in Turkey

Second of all we are not secular country , in fact we are not religious country either , the regime is using secularism to amuse the west and religion to get closer to the people

Third we are not taught to respect each other

Fourth even our main Islamic group wannabe a party MB , beside their daily struggle against the regime doesn't have the same clever way of thinking ,it is enough to see their general guide's statement and you will know that these guys need to learn diplomacy ,how they can hold the stick from half , with my all respect I saw veiled and unveiled girls celebrating the victory of the AKP , this picture I don't think I will see in any of the celebration of the MB

Anyhow I am asking you do you think that if we can have one day a party like AKP ?? it is not about the MB do not forget already the basis of the MB is quite different that the AKP


  1. I think having such a party is doable, but we have to work so hard to achieve it. The four points you stated explained why we can not be like Turkey at least for now.
    I think the change has to come from us first as citzens. at least , we should respect each other's point of view.

    outside of the post, Have you ever sleep? you work so hard in the blog?
    well, you doing great job

  2. No; it is not possible to have a political prescription like what they fill in Turkey with the AKP to use in Egypt. The reason is what you just mentioned the influence of the Turkish army on the political path the ruling party might follow. The term ‘Religious party’ is what is called ‘Oxymoron’, a system with conflicting components. Religious groups would like to frame the lifestyle of their affiliates with the guidance of that religion’s teaching which is good for the followers but not necessarily for other groups (citizens). A political party , right or wrong, waves the flag of democracy espousing all group of citizens (regardless of their religious affiliation) to vote for them based on their stated agenda, and if failed they would be voted out. So called religious parties don’t have this scenario on their menu. In modern history as far as we can remember no ‘religious party’ succeeded in governing a country ‘democratically’ and in even leading the country towards better living standard. Again the Turkish example of the AKP is flawed since the Turkish Army is the real force in the country.

  3. @Raafatology , you right , the change must come from us ,still some how this will need quite a time
    about the blog , well I swear I sleep , the changes you are seeing are not of one day ,but several months till reached to what you see ,thanks by the way

    @anonymous , we can't also ignore that the Turkish army intervention is not acceptable ,I mean their certian rules that doesn't fit with democracy and freedom of choice whether concerning the veil ,it is like double edged weapon
    do not forget we are now talking about the rise of the religious parties ,that we did not have from 55 years ago , they came as a result to the emptiness of the political arena thanks to the early intervention of the army , it is not a bless all the time

    The political based on religious parties are in every where but we always consider them Islamic , they are not Islamic ,in India and even in Europe , but they all are not "Oxymoron" more than really democratic parties

  4. You are partially right Zenobia; the role of the Army in the political model in Turkey is almost tstrange to the Middle East but not to Europe; Since Ataturk when he defined Turkey as Sectarian system separating religion and government in the constitution they specifically gave the responsibilty to the army to protect the constitution (no difference than any western Europian country. Of course the Turkish army fulfilled that responsibility to the letter {by the way it's a letter from roman alphabet A,B,C... since Ataturk changed the Turkish language from their original Arabic alphabet almost suddenly and the army protected that !!!!!?}

  5. I don't know anonymous ,if that was good or bad , I mean many European countries don't like this intervention ,too much intervention , a contest was made for Quran readers, the young Quran readers , the army closed it , the wives of the officers should not wear the viel otheriwse their husbands will be dismissed and punished
    ironically in the country side they are still call the Army of Mohamed as in the Ottoman empire!!


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