Egyptian Chronicles: Hafiz El-Assad II in pictures

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hafiz El-Assad II in pictures

Asma El-Assad , the Syrian First lady I think was the first Syrian first lady to have her photos in the media here and there , I mean no one had seen the widow of Hafiz the I in the media except may be in very rare photos that go back to the 1970s , I got one for her with her husband and children in Cairo in a visit ,I will scan it soon insh Allah , the success of Bourguiba old photos are tempting me to win a hold in the Syrian blogsphere like I did in the Tunisian blogsphere despite I have the feeling that Hafiz I may not as popular as Bourguiba in Tunisia despite they stayed long time ,they got rid from their rival and they had their own views about religion , anyhow back to Asama El-Assad

For those who buy the Lebanese and Gulf lifestyle magazines like Laha ..etc will know that the Syrian first lady is the Arabic rival of Queen Rania , two pages for this queen and two page for that  first lady in a stupid race , I mean I respect their activities but as someone who got sick from her own native first lady pseudo achievements I just can not take it any longer especially when these ladies wear Parda while their people starve anyhow stopping talking about the ladies let's go for their children , I love seeing the celebs' children and babies photos so much and so when I had seen the photos of Asama El-Assad with her children I thought immediately of sharing them with you

The last time I had see photos for Hafiz JR and sister Zein was when they were babies , they showed up when Queen Sofia of Spain visited Damascus,the Spanish Queen was carrying one of them "Queen Sofia is so sweet with Children" so I was surprised when I saw them now as grown Syrian kids

These photos were taken in the Marmarita annual Carnival  this year 2007

here are they

I think  Hafiz II looks like his daddy president Bashar more than his mommy first lady Asama

The president son with DIY toy set , well this is a new thing , you know I think these kids do not know how to do it themselves ,the girl in the white dress is said to Zein , but I do not think so as she seems taller than Hafiz II

 By the way I don't think that kid is going to be the next president of Syria , I don't know I feel that his daddy will be the last El-Assad to rule Syria , it is just a feeling , for sure Hafiz II will be so fortunate if that happens

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  1. As someone who lived for some time in Tunisia, I can assure you that this lunatic called Burguiba has no many admirers. The young people who liked to see him in his pijama don't know much about the guy, and what he and his successor have done to Tunisia. The same like unknowing young Egyptians who wouldn't mind seeing another lunatic, Sadat, in his pijama or koftan, dark glasses, and disgusting pipe. There is probably more admirers of the older Assad, as someone who was able to keep the destructive Americans out of his country. The younger Assad, however, is dying to get closer to those thugs, and using his torture machine on their behalf.

    As for those photos of Asma and Rania and Jihan and Suzanne, and the little ones on their way to the many Arab palaces, I would have not seen any of these if you don't put them them in your blog. You grew up with Al-Akhbar, basically a full size tabloid, and you die to see these kinds of photos every day. Besides, you are a huge fan of those losers, including the former kings and queens and princesses of Egypt and Iran, and you probably dream of seeing them sitting pretty in their old palaces.

  2. Amr, I don't know if you are attacking me or making fun of me , first of all I like president Sadaat , so back off the man , second of all if you really do not like Bourgiba then you will not like Hafiz I for what he did in Syria from crimes against his own people from jails to suppressing freedom and human rights to fighting any kind of religious activities, it seems that you did not interact with syrians
    it is enough to know that for years Muslim women in Syria could not wear head scarfs except when daddy Hafiz died oh brother , did you read what this man do in 1967 defeat ?? go to the archives of the blog to June 2007 to the Syrian front

    about the photos of the first ladies and their little ones , well I think I am not the only one in the world who likes to see their little ones ,already I love too seeing the photos of Shiloh Bitt and Suri Cruise , please tell me if that was bad and by the way Al-Akhbar is not a tabloid at least in the days I used to read it


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