Egyptian Chronicles: The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit - Lucette Lagnado - Books - Review

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit - Lucette Lagnado - Books - Review

 The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit - Lucette Lagnado - Books - Review - New York Times

This seems very interesting book but I don't know really if it contains the same Jewish attack on the Egyptian Nasserite regime forgetting that they were not the only people who were forced to leave or were discriminated , the Egyptian rich people and the foreign communities had their bitter hard share too

I think Lucette Lagnado despite her father's love to Cairo was wrong when she used the word "Holocaust" to describe what happened to the Egyptian Jews , this is totally unfair , this is totally overestimating  for the situation ,they were not only Jews I repeat again who had suffered

Lagnado seemed to speak about the city which the Jewish factor disappeared as deliberate act ,it is time factor in fact and of course  we can not forget that we had two wars with Israel ,we can not ignore that fact that the Egyptian Jews paid the price of the existence of Israel whether directly or indirectly

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  1. you did not get it. The fact that not only Jews but also Greeks, Armenians, Italians, rich Egyptians and now Christians were and are being pushed out does NOT making it OK. It is a crime.
    What Lagdano is saying is that a wonderful Egypt, rich in cultures, was destroyed. That is the Holocaust she is talking about, a cultural crime.

  2. Mr. Joseph first of all the Christians in Egypt were and are not pushed out from it ,I don't care what some says but No one is pushing them out , it is not a regime policy ,it is not a people's policy
    now back to Lagdano , first of all the Holocaust is a word always associated with genocides against people mainly the Jews , it is the perfect word to use to describe the vanish of some culture that vanished for several reasons
    I am sorry Non of those people were treated in a bad way to the degree of holocausts
    and I am sorry to say but also most Egyptian Jews who were not rich had to leave not because of the regime policy but more of the promises and warnings of the Jewish agencies to them
    and this is something I know from several family members who met Egyptian Jews abroad in 1960s and unfortunately they could not get back because it was too late


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