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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is this man an idiot ??

I am sorry but I could not stop myself from asking this question after reading this

what progress is Bush  seeing in Iraq ?? what stability is he speaking about  ??

I mean from 2 days  ago about 900 Yazidi Kurds were fallen between dead and injured the Iraqi immigration is continuing in fearful rate , may be this is what he means from stability ,by emptying Iraq from its own people !!??


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  1. his partener is Iran which is biggest threat to Iraq's future, and power behind most of the horrible crimes in Iraq.


    The problem lies with those who took refugee in Iran during the war with Iraq as they believed in the Irani fanatic ideas of “welayit faquih” and political shiisim which rejects the notion of national or secular states as well as the Iraqis of Iranian origin.

    Those mionrities supported by Iran are brain washing poor shiites to further entrench the criminal Irani interets in Iraq

    Any logical and rational anlysis of the situaton in Iraq that is deviod of prejudice against Arabs, Baathists, one that is not hypnotised by the childish rhetoric of Najad and the other terrorists, would definetly point out Iran as the main force that is destabilisng Iraq and fuelling sectarian tension, in order to wsecure its Persian nationalist interets.

    It is very clear that hadn’t it been for Iran and its agents in Iraq, occupationwouldn’t have been able to stay for a single day in Iraq.

  2. Remeber that Iraq was a secular state with no place for sunni-shite division. The majority of top baathists were shiits the majority of the republican guards elite army were shiites.

    Those who were perscecuted were the shiites loyal to the bloody horrible Iranian ideaolgy of exporting the revolution, simply because that Persian medival ideology aimed at disntegrating the secular nation of Iraq where sectarian divisions were transcended by Arabism. Sectariasn tension and divisons ar the only way through which Iran could nourish some influence in the middle east. Also those who faugh along with the Iranian enemy against their own country and who are now in power in Iraq.

    Needless to mention, perscuting shiites of Irani origin in Iraq was quite legitimate and justified, since IRAQ was going through a ferocious war of defence against horrible fanatic Khomeini

    Awwel marra ya Ostaz Amre asma3ak te2ool 7aga ma32oola. Howa dah el kalam el mawzoon

  4. @Amr you got a point here , but it is not about Iran more about the use of the ethnics in the game of politics ,the oldest game in the book"Divine conquer" ,you are only heading towards Iran and what it represents from historical rival to the Arabs forgetting that two important factors , As an Arab countries or nation we do nothing to win those shiite of Iraq whom you can not claim to be minority , they are the majority and please do not start the Baath and the secular talk , do not forget most of the Arab people tend to be religious and if you do not respect this point then you understand nothing , the secular military systems in the eyes of many Arab people like the Iraqis and Syrians brought nothing to them except jail and discremenation
    and by the way the other side Arabs seemed to suddenly remember that they are sunni and they must fight the shiites

    the other factor is America , you are speaking as if Iran is leading America , I am sorry but the Neocons are not playing there they studied this freaking region for decades to know how to play it well Persian VS Arab , Turkish VS Arab , Sunni Vs Shiite , ..etc
    look if you are going to start the saddam disgusting game to say that this is traitor because he is a Shiite loyal to the Iranian system then we kill him and his family , take over his house then please do not expect to solve anything
    by the way I know a SHiite Iraqi friend whose father was a refugee since the days of Saddam , very honorable rich famous family in Basra after the war with Iran their farms and houses were taken from them for no freaking reason , they are not loyal as you described so please do not speak about things you do not know much about except through media
    this is an exactly arab thinking I speak about the UNited States our biggest ally and friend whom you once wished to go war against Iran then you start the Iran blaming game
    by the way also stop using the Iraqis of Iranian origin they are not traitors ,if so then the Turkmans will be so , the kurds will be so and the Arabs will be so

    @He and She , well congrats

    @Vagabond,I was suspecting so for long time but I always tend to believe those in high positions are not that idiot

  5. Shiites are not majority. Sunnis and shite numbers in Iraq are equal. shiites have become a majority after the invasion when Iran pushed into iraq 2 million Iranians and iraqi of Iranian origin to, and two milion sunnis were forced to leave iraq.

    American figures are simply not trust worthy:))

    Beswidesas I told before it is Iran that is highlighting this sunni shiite division- both sunnis and shiites are Arabs except for the Iranian ones who happen to a very insignificant monority

    Secondly, it is very obvious that you mix up things all together. For it seems that you can't grasp the difference between religon and politicised religon. As I told before the majority of top Baathists were shiites and majority of the Iraqi elite republican guards were shiites . When Iraq- a secular nation is going into war against Iran, fanatic medival country, then those who support the enemy must be persecuted.

    Secondly, the example you refered to is irrlevant and can never sustain your argument, it is indivdual case nobody heared about but yourself.

    About iraq and the baath, first of all I would like to emphathise that Iam neither a baathist nor any sort of an ideologist. However I have to admit the Baath in Iraq crated the most modern and successful Arab stae in the 20th century. By th way, the Syrian Bath is pathetic corrupted and has turned Syria into a loser state. I would even dare to claim that Egyptian regime is more efficent than that one or the retarded Irani one

    In 1988 Sadam recieved a certificate of honour from unicief for wiping out illiteracy in iraq.

    Health care and educational standarsd were on par with western european one- more imporatntly, they were free for all with no exceptions.

    The rates of Iraqi GNP growth, technological and scientific progress in the 1989 were hight enough that the country was expected to transform into an Arab country with western European standards within 10 years, and that was according to the U.N developmental reports.

    Moreover,Iraq was posing a serious threat to Israel' dominace in the region with its rapid growth and increasing military potentials, and it was unwiling to compromise wih the zionist entity

    In Iraq as long as you stayed away of politcs ,then nobody would come near by you. And that is quiete justified in a developing country that has been fighting a terorist enemy like Iran for 8 years.

    About the dictatorship and brutal opression of Sadam, well, I can not deny it. Never the less bear in mind that all democratic Eutopean countries, had to go through a totalitarian era during periods of drastic scientific and social changes. look at the France of Napoleon. Germany was united,the german nationl feelings were enhanced and the german indusrial development overtook the Britsh one under the ruleof an autocratic monarchy and a ruthless dictator-Bismark

    Finally, Iraqis of Iranian origin suported Iran and believed in welayait faquih which reads subservience to Iran, an aggresive country that is invading their own. Those are an extreme minority by the way . That is well documented fact that has got nothing to do wih Sadam's propgandas machine. Iraqis simply hate them. They are traitors, the dont belong there. They would be happy in their motherland the source of all blood and religous fanticism in middle east-iran

    One last thing sunnis and most shiites in Iraq were not religous , the Baath succeeded in secularising the country at a grass root level. Unfortunately the Iranian polticisation of politics and fanatic ideologies are inducing a reaction equal in magnitude in the entire midl east.

    As for Kurds, they are traitors, they have been collaborating with Mossad since 1963. At the present theie trops are being trained with Israelians. And they are an ethnic minority in Iraq.

    As for christians in Iraq, well, the scond man in the state was a chritian-Tarek Aziz. Christians had their full rights under a secular regime. Now they are being killed by Iranians for being Iraqi nationalists.

    Turkoman in Iraq are no more than 1% and they never had substantial problems. However, the majority of Iraqis are Arabs and only those are the rightful howbbers of Iraq


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