Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bin Laden Show

So Osama Bin Laden made presented his annual show for the 9/11 anniversary

I do not care what he said this time , I had enough to think about it , it is nothing

I believe now more than ever that these tapes and video clips appear in certain times only to serve Bush and his administration interests and to remind the Americans that there is still a bad enemy out there , the Democrats can not conquer but the republicans can !!

Nothing new in this year's show except may be the call for the American people to convert , another nice way to make the Americans trust the Muslims by making there worst enemy call them to convert !!

Seriously more and more I began to believe that these videos are fake , already he seemed too young than the last time he appeared in it , I do not mean his dyed bread but I mean his face


  1. check this out

  2. thanks anonymous this is so interesting , even CNET, they are not only the conspiracy theories websites
    still I feel that this is not Bin Laden the difference in the nose is striking

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