Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laila is back

Laila the voice of the Egyptian bloggeress is back again , it is her day kolena-laila 9/9

I wrote something in Arabic here it is ,I hope you like it

And in English I would like to say that I believe that Egyptian woman is the other half of the society what ever the she is suffering from the other half sooner or later will suffer from its implications and whatever the other half is suffering from , she by her turn will suffer from that thing

We are not having our best time in Egypt whether politically or economically or socially , it is just like the web, every thing is connected to another and every one is torn with huge life demands

I am talking more about Laila this year in my Arabic blog

another thing every year insh Allah  ,I will choose the Laila of the year , it is like the woman of the year

Laila for year 2007 is the mother of Mohamed Mamdouh , the Shaha child who stood against the regime to take back her son's right again , you only have to know that this simple poor woman is working as maid and that she did not receive any education

any example for the real powerful Egyptian woman from the country side , she does not know the fancy slogans of feminists or what they are calling for but she is standing against a powerful regime insisting on taking back her son's right even it would cost her life

This woman for sure had very simple dreams ,really simple dreams mostly to see her sons having a better life than hers

It is not about education or class or background ,it is about your dignity


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